Top 7 Image Stock Websites Free and Premium.

If you are looking for free and premium image stock websites you have come to the right article. We will discuss the best options you currently have.
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Image Stock Websites
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Carlos' Opinion -
Image Stock Websites.

Images are everywhere.

Images are needed.

An image say more than thousand words.

And I can keep going on on phrases that give the importance to images.

There are plenty of agencies and website developers who need image resources for their social media or websites.

Of course, you can find out free images out there, it would be just a matter of fact of typing in google and searching for creative commons results.

I have tried different image stock websites, and to say which one worth paying, which one are just worth mentioning and so on.

As a blogger, I need images for the thumbnails or any other area, but I would prefer to avoid having repeated images on it.

I have noticed recently the use of a business man picture that had appeared on different webpages and social media all across internet.

The abuse of image stock has its risks, and it would be that if you and your competitor have the same image stock website as database, than you can find out those ackward repetitions.

That is why I would recommend to choose different image stock websites to source your image needs.

There are even images of Portal Frases.Top.

From Pexels and Pixabay that are free, to subscriptions like Freepik,  Envato Elements, MonsterOne, Adobe Stock and Shutterstock.

Read more about the different image stock websites that can help you to create content.

What is Image Stock?

If you are looking for free and premium image stock websites, you have come to the right article.

We will discuss the best options you currently have.

Learn not only what they are, but also why they are so popular, how they work, and many more details.

When we talk about an image bank we are referring to a website where it is possible to extract photographs, videos, vectors, among other types of files, and then give them any use we have in mind without worrying about stealing something from someone else.

Nowadays you can find banks with royalty-free images, and others where these are reserved. So, depending on what you want to do, you should also take into account the policy of the use of the photos you will find there.

Those that have the characteristic of being free of copyright, in most cases, are free and you can do anything you want with their content.

On the other hand, those that have rights are paid.

This is because the images are in someone’s name and, in order to exploit them, you must pay.

Similarly, you can find out there image banks with mixed content, as is the case of those who have marked their content with Creative Commons licenses, a non-profit organization interested in giving greater visibility to the authors.

Generally, in most cases, these images are intended for websites.

Where they need to represent the message they want to convey with a high quality image, and that can be associated with the content of the same, so they go to a bank to get it.

However, there are no limits.

And the use of the images you get from a bank you can use them to make editions, place them in videos, in advertisements, or anywhere else where you know you will not be breaking any standard of the author’s intellectual property.

Free Image Stock Websites

Let’s talk a little bit now about the best free image banks for websites, in which we assure you that you will get more of what you are looking for your project.



When it comes to the most popular free website image banks we have to name Pixabay. It is believed that the vast majority of people who need this type of files for their projects enter the platform and leave with what they need.

The great efficiency of the use of the platform could perhaps be attributed to the fact that, to date, it already has more than 1.6 million images of all types (and counting). These are being added to little by little by other Pixabay members.

As for its use, this is another reason why it has become so popular.

All you have to do is enter the site and, in the search bar that will appear in the middle, type the words that refer to the type of image you expect to find.

When you press search the system will do its job and will give you all the possible results.

So that you only have to click on one and copy and paste it if you want, or download it to have it on your device.

Beyond being a great image bank the platform has also expanded its services little by little to offer people a safe place where they can even get videos or music as well that they can use without thinking about copyright.

Why not give it a try?



Another free image bank for websites is Pexels, which aims to offer its users the freedom to create attractive products and designs thanks to all the free stock content they have access to by using its platform.

All the images you find on this site will not only be free, but also of high quality.

They will be subject to the Pexels license.

All their content is tagged, so it is very easy to find it by searching with the right words.

So its operation is similar to the previous option.

It offers its users the power to have access to hundreds of thousands of free photos, announcing that more are being added every day.

They are carefully selected among the photos uploaded by users so that each contribution can actually be used without copyright problems.

Premium Image Stock Websites

Now that you know about the free options you have at hand, let’s also talk a bit about the best premium image stock websites.

So that, if buying a license is not a problem, you will know which one is the best for you.



In a concrete way we can say that Freepik is a resource platform oriented to designers.

It was created in Spain, and the website is not only a premium image bank, in it you can also find icons, PSD templates, among other basic files used by visual artists.

The task of this platform is to search for images that are free of copyright, so that the work performance of designers is given in a simpler way.

The main advantage is that it saves them time that they can spend on other work activities.

Its great offer covers the demand of those people who need image banks for websites, but also its content can be used in advertising campaigns, and all the people who are interested in getting content to let their creativity fly in tools such as Photoshop, for example.

Its type of service could be classified as freemium, this means that it can be used for free, but you can enjoy an improvement in the extension of its services with a paid subscription, which would lead it to enter the category of premium platforms.

Both are equally beneficial.



MonsterOne defines itself as an out of the box collection of files that you can use for web design.

With the advantage that you will only have to pay once a year, and you will have unlimited access to all the resources within their platform.

They boast that they have for you whatever you need, no matter how many websites you want to use them on, or the number of projects you intend to carry out.

The only thing you have to make sure to continue enjoying their benefits is that your license is active.

We are not only talking about a premium image bank for websites, but a completely professional platform that will give you all the tools you need, at your fingertips, so you can let your creativity fly without the annoying limits that are placed when you do not have something.

In case you don’t want to go for the one year membership you can try the one month membership, in any of their different plans, so you will know all the benefits that this platform has for you.

Envato Elements


When we talk about Envato Elements we are referring to an online service that gives anyone the possibility to download hundreds of thousands of digital resources without limits for a flat fee that must be paid religiously every month.

With the use of this platform you will have access to unlimited content 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Among them are video templates, music, graphics, fonts, CMS templates, WordPress and Websites, and, of course, images.

The quality standards of this platform are strict, so you can expect that all digital items found in their database have been developed by the best freelance designers and selected by the Envato Elements team to appear on the website in the end.

Aside from being a premium website image bank, another benefit is that they offer free online courses for digital creatives to all interested parties.

So that, both as beginners and experienced, have the opportunity to improve skills and use of resources.

Adobe Stock


Adobe Stock is a tool that offers services to allow both companies and designers access to 90 million high quality royalty free graphic content to be used in projects depending on their needs.

Here you can find visual resources to be used in projects that require the incorporation of some image or video.

The function of Adobe Stock is to facilitate access to quality photographs, images, videos, and audios.

These images have a strong demand, since they help to increase the visibility of some projects and with this, there is the possibility that these projects fulfill their established function.

Now, the images can be sold through the Internet, each one at a considerable price, in order to increase your traffic.

Although they can also be paid for by plans or by monthly payments, thanks to this people can avoid expenses.

Adobe Stock is hosted on a website but people can also access it through various editing programs.

Adobe Stock is part of a family of programs that for years have helped to create, design, edit and modify all kinds of material, but this platform (Adobe Stock) is especially aimed at providing resources to make the actions of creation, editing and modification possible.

As mentioned above, there are programs that have direct access to Adobe Stock. This access is online, so you must have an internet connection to connect to the resources offered by this platform, in addition, these programs are part of the Adobe family.



Shutterstock is a website that allows you to download images, vectors, GIFs, videos and other resources that can facilitate the creation and editing of visual content.

Its goal is to help professionals and non-professionals alike obtain resources to create quality material.

As for the material it offers, it has a wide quality and a huge number in stock available. Its images stand out for being in HD, without watermark or copyright, also avoiding problems in the future, regarding the material to be created.

If by any chance you are wondering “Why is it necessary to have images without watermarks” you don’t have to worry, as it will be explained to you here.

First of all, the creation of advertising posts is fundamental when promoting a product or a service, and for this, every company must invest in this material.

Images are ideal when you want to convey a message, especially if you want to do it in a direct and focused way. It is said that an image speaks more than a thousand words, so you have to be careful when you choose an image, taking into account its content, the feeling it conveys, and its origin.

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