How to Work the Kinks Out of Your Business Plan: A Guide for Marketing Agencies

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While every great business started out as an idea, not going carefully through that idea to work out all the kinks is an immediate way to set the odds against yourself. 

You want everything to be in your favor as much as possible. If it isn’t, you’re going to struggle every day to patch leaks in a sinking ship. While you can overcome those leaks and enjoy a smooth sailing experience, you’ll likely get in over your head instead. 

Planning out your business in advance is an absolute must. No alternatives beat it, and the best way to structure your efforts and your idea is with a business plan. This is true for all industries, though the opportunities and market challenges are going to be unique to your business. 

For example, those that want to stand out as a marketing firm have the added pressure of competing in a heavily saturated market where success is largely determined based on your reputation. To help you get your feet off the ground as a marketing agency, you need to have ironed out your idea and uncovered unique ways for your business to be different. To help you stand out, use this guide:

How to Work the Kinks Out of Your Business Plan A Guide for Marketing Agencies

What is a Business Plan?

Think of a business plan as a roadmap. While you can muddle your way through with a general direction, the journey is much smoother when you know where you want to go.

When done properly, a business plan can help you understand the market, your place in the market, unique opportunities, and challenges you need to overcome. A marketing agency, for example, can stand out by offering combined design services and printing services. 

This way, instead of yet another step in a business’s marketing efforts, one business can handle it all from online to OOH. The fact that a business plan can help you plan, identify, and measure your efforts are reasons why you need one.

What Should be Included in a Business Plan?

There are many components in a good business plan: 

  • Overview of Your Business and Its Goals 
  • Market, Competitor, and Customer Research 
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy 
  • Description and Overview of Products (and the Supply Chains) or Services 
  • Operational Plan 
  • Financing Plan 
  • Progress Measurements

How to Work Out the Kinks of Your Business Plan

While many parts of a business plan are straightforward, there are a few key areas where you’ll want to focus in order to hammer out the kinks in your planning: 

  • Invest in Market Research
  • Use SWOT Analysis 
  • Get an Outsider’s Perspective 
  • Identify the Tools and Methods You’ll Use 


Putting time and effort into fully understanding your market can help you build a niche for yourself that sets your company apart from the competition. You can opt for the creative route and try to develop a unique style, but that limits you with regard to your customer base. For marketing agencies, success can be found by identifying a need or pressure point in the process. From offering outsourcing services to splitting your business model into part marketing and design, part printing, there are many ways you can help your business stand out. Take those ideas and workshop them with the above tips to help you understand where to start, and how to grow. 

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