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How to make money with a blog?

In short, the digital presence is essential for today’s businesses, this implies that entrepreneurs do their best to generate profits from the virtual environment.

However, many people wonder how to make money with a blog, to which we will give an answer in this article.

How to make money with a blog
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Why start a blog?

A blog is a type of website that serves as a link between businesses and potential customers, a perfect tool to sell and make money in digital media.

Starting a blog is a way to enhance your relationship with potential customers. Additionally, there are multiple reasons why it is an excellent idea:

In addition to all these reasons, it is possible to mention perhaps the most important one: to be able to make money with a blog.

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Technology, a powerful sales tool

Today, technology has served as a wide window for sellers and buyers, where the possibilities are practically unlimited.

Although in the beginning it was only about closing transactions, nowadays the process is very different, since it allows providing close and personalized attention to customers, as well as promoting a positive feedback with users to know their needs and respond to them.

With a blog it is possible to offer a solid image of your brand to customers, build trust and maintain the interest of users in what you upload, with the idea that they share it and you can attract new buyers.

Likewise, there are different ways to make money with a blog, which can be very useful for you.

Add advertising

This is one of the easiest ways to make money with a blog, you can resort to advertising banners, promotional videos, CPA, pop unders, sponsored links, use the services of advertising agencies, among others.

The most popular advertising network belongs to an industry giant and its name is Google Adsense, with which it is possible to monetize your blog. Although it dominates much of the advertising market, it is not the only profitable company and can sometimes be a bit strict with its policies.

Having several agencies of this type allows you to generate more profits, but with a lower risk than if you depended on just one. To help you with this, we will mention some of the best ones available on the net.

These are just some of the many available to generate money with a blog.

Use affiliate marketing

A similar modality to CPA or cost per action where this is the purchase, you will earn money every time a user buys one of the products you recommend in your blog.

It is preferred by bloggers, thanks to the fact that they only have to recommend products or services and not create them themselves.

For this there are companies that offer affiliate programs such as Amazon and FNAC, as well as others that work in a very similar way. To do this you must:

Sale of sponsored posts

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Sponsored posts are paid content that you can publish on your blog to generate visibility, branding, SEO links and revenue.

It is a form of content marketing to increase the chances of getting leads and improve the SEO positioning of your brand.

These sponsored posts are based on content that promote products or services in digital media, with a large number of users and their sale can help make money with a blog.

Selling products

This is perhaps the most traditional way to sell and make money with a blog. However, it is not an option for everyone.
This alternative can generate more revenue than advertising or affiliate marketing but requires much more dedication on the part of the brand, such as production, acquisition, sales management, shipping and so on.

All this requires a certain investment and not only the perception of profits. You can sell products of different nature:

  • Handmade products.
  • Third party products.
  • Digital products.

In addition, it is appropriate to add that it is possible to sell services, courses, exclusive areas of your blog and anything else you can think of.

Other ways to make money with a blog

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In addition to the above alternatives, it is possible to make money on your blog in the following ways:

Strategies to make money with a blog

Like many others, you may have started a blog as a hobby and discovered that there are several ways to make money with it.

Clearly, in order for you to have a blog that generates money, it is necessary for it to be interesting, which can be difficult in a field where everything has already been inventedTo make your blog ideal, interesting and a potential money maker, it is essential that you consider some key strategies:

Get a profitable niche.

Put in simpler words, it consists of orienting your blog to what you can provide to users, it is not about telling your life story or running your site as a diary because it is unlikely that this will be useful for Internet users.

When what you offer can solve a problem or fill a need for others, users will come back and spend time browsing your content.

In this sense, the most successful blogs provide knowledge about a particular topic or theme in different modalities, so find your niche and turn it into something profitable.

Give your blog a strategic name.

Forget about stilted, long or complicated names, ideally it should be something simple to remember, easy to locate and available at the domain provider.

Once you have this, register your domain and host it in the hosting of your preference, the one that can offer you the most advantages of use.

Offer useful content to your users.

To increase your blog’s revenue potential, you should strive to upload valuable content for your readers on a regular and appropriate basis.

The content should be attractively designed, flowing and appropriate to the topic, including examples and writing styles as closely as possible.

Build an audience.

There is little point in creating your blog, uploading content and waiting for users to access it, as this is unlikely to be successful.

Instead, you should give your site visibility, promote it and try to create an audience that will like your content and become loyal to it.

Monetize your blog.

Evaluate which of the various ways to generate money with your blog suits you best, whether it is a single one or a combination of several.

Dedicate time and effort to your blog, try to make it as profitable as possible and when you have reached this maximum income point, you may want to sell it if you are not particularly attached to it.

Selling a blog that generates regular income can be a success and become an excellent profit that allows you to invest or explore other productive markets for your brand.

You can always resort to this guide to make money with a blog or get advice from an expert in the area.

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