How to Choose and Use Images in Your Business Blog

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Do you know that the average human attention span has become a few micro-seconds shy of that of the notoriously ill-focused goldfish? Even if a write-up contains valuable information, readers will only continue reading it if it features a long block of text with visual content. Hence, images are essential to keep readers around and make them read the content till the end to compel them to follow embedded CTAs (Calls to Action). 

You will also notice that web pages with frequent relevant images will have significantly lower bounce rates than those with few or none. Therefore, you need to equip your business blog posts with relevant images to make them engaging for the targeted audience. 

It will help you enhance the online exposure of your brand and content published on its behalf. Otherwise, you will fail to grab the attention of the targeted audience.

However, a considerable problem faced by various brands and bloggers is the selection of images to be published with their blog posts. They often need to be made aware of sources that can help them choose and use relevant images that could make their content engaging and increase the audience’s interest in it. This article discusses a few methods to help you choose and use relevant images with your blog posts and significantly enhance their exposure and engagement. Further details are given below.

How to Choose and Use Images in Your Business Blog

1. Articulate Imagery on Your Own

Regarding business blog posts, imagery to be published may come in various forms. These forms include photos, infographics, illustrations, and charts. The first method for choosing images to be posted with text on your business blog is articulating the required imagery on your own. While you can click photos on your own, various other methods are also available for this purpose. We will discuss a few of them below.

Graphic Designing Tools

Multiple graphic designing tools are available. You can install any of them and use them to design images relevant to your content. However, this task could be significantly tricky, time-consuming, and costly. The designing tools don’t come for free. You have to purchase them from the author.

Additionally, these tools are not readily usable. You have to learn how to design images and illustrations through a tool. This process may take significant time and effort. Moreover, you may need to hire a seasoned designer for this purpose, which could be a costly affair.

Pre-fabricated templates and AI Tools

When it comes to designing infographics for your blog posts using design tools, it may take significant time. A better way to obtain necessary infographics to be posted with blog posts is by using pre-fabricated design templates. Such templates are available online and require a little modification. You can modify those templates according to your needs and post them online. Conversely, you can also take the help of AI image-making tools. Such tools require prompts from users to generate images. However, such tools must still be capable of designing fully realistic imagery. 

2. Take Help of Reverse Image Search

The reverse image search method is yet another feasible way to find, choose, and use images to be posted with content online. Finding images relevant to your content is a simple and easy method. You can use any image that is already available or used by any of your competitors to search for relevant images online. You must upload it on an image search utility and find visually similar images online.

You will be able to get many visually similar results by uploading a picture and performing a search by image. The reverse image search utility will show results in multiple categories. You can use results shown under the Creative Commons and Public Usage category without worrying about copyright issues or other problems. However, remember that you need to give credit to the original author of images sourced from the Creative Commons category.

3. Stock Photos Could be an Option

Another great way to deal with the issue of finding relevant images to content and posting them with blog posts on your website is using stock photos. Stock photos are readily available, and the person who sources them can use them without worrying about copyright claims. Once the user can access a stock photo, they can use it anywhere. Many website owners, brands, digital marketers, and bloggers use this method to source photos for their blogs.

While you see various premium sources of stock photos, costing users for the images obtained from such stock libraries, multiple other online platforms are offering such pictures for free. 

However, premium stock libraries have much bigger databases compared to free ones. Many stock libraries also offer reverse image search features to help users easily find their desired stock photos and use them to make their content more engaging and enhance its exposure.

Putting it Together

Posting images with content intended for a business blog is necessary. Otherwise, it will fail to get the necessary attention from the targeted audience. However, many brands and bloggers don’t know methods to source images for this purpose. We have discussed a few effective methods to help you do it easily. Hopefully, you will find this article useful. We wish you luck finding, choosing, and using images with blog posts!

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