5 Enterprise mobility examples of companies setting out remote work

Enterprise mobility examples
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There are many reasons why remote work is trending.

One reason is that it allows employees to have a better work/life balance.

With remote work, employees can avoid the commute and work from home or another location of their choice.

This flexibility can lead to happier and more productive employees.

Additionally, remote work can save employers money on office space and other overhead costs.

There are tech companies worldwide that are supporting with possibility to incorporate enterprise mobility management in organizations.

Through mobile solutions systems and platforms that are able to set up a remote access environment can support many organizations to set the option for employees to choose the device of their choice either laptops, tablets or smartphones with Windows, Android, Apple iOS or Chrome OS to access the enterprise apps reducing security risks.

One way to empower your employees is to giving them the flexibility to choose between the use of corporate- and employee-owned devices to ease up their work on the go.

Following up, we will mention some of them that are helping with the provision of MDM, BYOD for personal devices, and EMM.

Organizations around the world delivering enterprise mobility solutions

Several companies worldwide are now setting enterprise mobility and unified endpoint management solutions to support businesses have their corporate applications with security to prevent unauthorized access to corporate data.

There are many providers of enterprise mobility and identity and access management services.

Some providers of EMM solutions are Citrix, IBM, VMware AirWatch, MobileIron, Black Berry and Bechtle.

Each supplier has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to select one that will best fit the requirements of your organization.

AirWatch, for example, is known for its robust security features, while BlackBerry is known for its ease of use.

MobileIron is a great option for organizations that need to support a big number of devices.

Citrix Enterprise Mobility Management

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There are several benefits of enterprise mobility management with Citrix.

Firstly, it can support companies to manage and monitor mobile devices and apps remotely.

This can save time and resources, as well as improve security.

Secondly, EMM can help to increase productivity by enabling employees to access work-related data and applications on their mobile devices and do

This can lead to increased efficiency and flexibility, as well as reduced costs.

Finally, EMM can also help to improve communication and collaboration within an organisation by enabling employees to share data and work on projects together in real-time.

Airwatch EMM

Airwatch logo

Airwatch enterprise mobility management solution is a comprehensive solution that helps businesses manage and secure mobile devices.

Airwatch is a comprehensive management tool for organizations’ devices, users, apps, and data. It helps businesses track device usage and activity, remotely wipe data, and enforce security policies.



MobileIron enterprise mobility management is a platform that helps organizations manage and secure mobile devices and apps.

MobileIron EMM is a platform that helps organizations manage and control mobile devices, apps, and data. It includes features such as device management, app management, security, and compliance.

MobileIron EMM helps organizations to distribute apps and data to mobile devices securely and to enforce security policies on those devices.


blackberry logo

BlackBerry is a leading enterprise mobility management provider that helps organizations keep their data and devices secure while empowering employees to be productive.

BlackBerry provides a comprehensive solution that includes mobile device management, mobile application management, and security for email, web, and content. BlackBerry also offers a variety of services to help organizations deploy and manage their mobile deployments.


bechtle logo

Bechtle’s enterprise mobility management (EMM) provides a complete, end-to-end solution for managing and securing mobile devices in the enterprise.

It provides a comprehensive set of features for managing devices, apps, and data, as well as a deployment model that can be customized to fit the needs of any organization.

Bechtle EMM is the perfect solution for enterprises who want to improve their mobile productivity and IT security. With a vast array of features for managing mobile devices, apps, and data, as well as a number of deployment options to suit any organization’s needs, Bechtle EMM has you covered.

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