3 Things you must know about a Document Translation Software

As companies have to send translated documents to other businesses, to government offices, or other business units overseas, sometimes they don’t have the time or the budget to get some translation agencies.

As well, some documents might not need a native translation, and as translation tools are improving with artifiial intelligence, then it gives a great advantage.

Keep reading to learn more about DocTranslator, an artificial intelligence online document translation software.

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Translate in over 100 languages for free.

The advantages of using an online document translation software such as DocTranslator is that you can translate to multiple languages.

Hiring a translator in the least spoken languages of the world can be complicated, that is one of the advantages of using a document translation software.

Translations can be done between the most common languages such as English to Spanish, English to German, or English to French. But as well you can do less common combinations such as Taiwanese to Indonesian, or Norwegian to Swedish.

Almost the whole globe can use this type of online translation services for free.

There is no language restriction among their more than 100 languagues, so practically any combination can be done to translate documents to any language.

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Free Document Translation for up to 2,000 words

With Doctranslator you can translate up to 2,000 words for free and to any language.

If more words to be translated are required, then a paid plan can be selected, which still has a low cost of 0.004/word.

Comparing Doctranslator price with other documen translation services, is way lower, and the payment is by translated word, and not by a monthly subscription or yearly plan, therefore, you pay only for what you translate.

An obviously, if we compare the prices of a translation agency with a document translation software, then the difference is bigger.

But lets also mention the quality. We all know that native speakers already have a cultural background, and know their native language pretty well. In contrast, translation software are being improved with machine learning and artificial intelligence, which gives a better quality to the neural machine translations.

Here will also depend and to ask oneself, when to use a professional translation agency or use a document translation software.

Either way, both can be an excelent decision.

Translate Documents of Any File Type

Also, one worry that can happen is that the file that the user has might not be compatible with document translation software, but with DocTranslator this is not a thing.

Another of its advantages is that it can translate PDF document files, as well as Word files. 

Those are the most common document files to be used for online translations, but DocTranslator can also translate Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint Presentations or even Adobe InDesign .IMDL files.

Therefore, just by uploading the document, DocTranslator will do the translation automatically to the selected language.

Certainly, it is a software to have in the repertoire.

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