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Cloudways Review 2021
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Carlos' Opinion
Cloudways Review 2021.

I was being curious on using Cloudways. 

I have read many Cloudways reviews and many recommendations through Facebook groups.

I was using Siteground and I wanted to change my shared WordPress hosting to a dedicated WordPress hosting.

I saw some Youtube Videos by WPCrafter that recommended Vultr in Hiqh Frequency through Cloudways, since it was a cloud-based WordPress Hosting Service at a low cost.

The starting plan offered 1GB RAM, Processor 1 Core, Storage 32GB and 1TB Bandwith for $13.

So it seem to be a good offer, and I decided to give it a try.

The results of changing my Siteground Host to Cloudways with Vultr High Frequency are these ones. 

Siteground speed

As you can see, stated by Gtmetrix, my website improved in better seconds.

And I have to say, my website is not really optimized. My following steps are to look for a WordPress speed optimization service that helps me to improve my numbers, and reach less than 1 second. 

But in terms of the First Contentful Pain from Siteground to Cloudways the difference is of 1.5 seconds, which it is a good result. 

There are some blocking resources that I still have to fix for the Homepage that are affecting it.

But so far, I have noticed also better loading times on the backend, specially because I use plugins such as Elementor and WPML, which are not really known for improving speed. Actually, their codes slow down your WordPress Website, but they are easy and useful to use. 

In terms of setting up WordPress in the Vultr High Frequency of Cloudways was really easy. 

Probably the DNS configuration from Godaddy to Cloudways took a bit of time, until the change of IP address updated, but it was quite simple.

Cloudways has a migration service, but I actually used a Backup plugin to save all my files from Siteground, and then uploaded them again when I was already in Cloudways.

Quick and easy, Cloudways so far hasn’t showed me any complication, and their support team solved my only problem, that was about a WPML folder that was not able to been changed. 

For now, I do recommend Cloudways with Vultr in High Frequency to have a fast WordPress Cloud Hosting service at low cost. 

If you want event more speed, you could also try Google Cloud Platform or AWS through Cloudways, but they have a higher cost. 

What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is aimed at developers with experience or without experience, who do not mind having to be system administrators.

It allows you to manage several projects through the same interface, without the need to adapt a hosting service for each one, but through one you will be able to make several managements.

Cloudways is in charge of reselling the cloud servers for internet. Some hosting offered is managed for WordPress and they offer a service that, although it is not their specialty, helps us to acquire those services of the internet.

What WordPress Hosting services does
Cloudways offer me?

If you need an administrator for WordPress that gives you the security, reliability and speed you only have to look for the services that offer Cloudways.

Getting a WordPress hosting service can be considered impossible, especially if you are just starting out in the world of WordPress Cloud Hostingproviders and, if you are also looking for a way to get rid of the slow things in your WordPress.

Cloudways, offers us easy and powerful affordable cloud hosting for WordPress, thanks to its different offer of Cloud services..

Cloudways platform is the most optimal for those developers who need a WordPress website where they can inform their customers about their services and offer other advantages online.

It has a great scale of flexibility that is invaluable and that is beneficial for those sites that need more agility from the Internet. It also has a support service to provide solutions to all the problems that may arise to users.

All the services they offer are through the cloud, through which they can select the one that is fairest and most affordable.

This means that their performance really depends on the platform and not directly on Cloudways.

Of course, the payments made to Cloudways cover all administrative costs and extra functions in order to cover migrations in services, control panels, firewall, content distribution network (CDN), customer service and others.

Why use Cloudways?

Cloudways, is a managed hosting. It is not like the traditional ones that are shared as CPanel or Plesk.

It also allows you to host your “Side Projects”, having a bigger space for the development of the web apart from what personal blogs are.

This advantage, allows us to take care of how our web will look like, in case any fault arises with the blog, so the website will not be affected.

Cloudways, is a very simple interface, which is great benefit for users who want to manage several applications or plugins to improve their website.

This WordPress hosting service, is adapted to the needs of each user, according to the requests and payments that are made.

It is not a traditional hosting service, it goes all from the cloud and allows you to cancel only for the services you are using and those you need.

The traditional ones, lead you to make mandatory annual payments, in services that many times you do not need and does not allow you to boost the performance of the web, through extra services.

Important Characteristics of Cloudways.

Cloudways platform is focused on websites that work with WordPress, and is in charge of providing them with all the functions and settings needed to manage WordPress websites.

This platform allows us to install SSL certificates, create tests (staging), change PHP versions, create security files, among others.


Once signed up at Cloudways, you can select the cloud services that you want. 

For the Fast WordPress Hosting at low cost, I recommend Vultr at High Frequency.


Here are some of the features provided by Cloudways. 

Management in Applications.

With Cloudways, it makes it easier for us to manage the various facilities.

Once we have established the server, you can start adding the applications you want. Example: WordPress, Woocommerce, Laravel and PHP.

Cloudways review 1

Within the settings section for the applications, you will see several tabs. Domain Management will allow you to set up your domain.

Cloudways review 2

If, due to circumstances, you have not been able to acquire a domain name, in Cloudways, a URL will be generated for you provisionally. This way, you will be able to continue designing your website, while you get a domain name.

Cloudways Review 3

There is also another important tab, from which you can install the free SSL certificates, that is the “SSL Certificate”. And through Cloudways you can use the free SSL Certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

Cloudways review 4

On Cloudways, you can schedule when the system can be backed up.

This prevents them from getting in the way of those hours when you have more movement.

These copies of files and information related to your website, will help you in case you have to reboot the system.

These files are backup copies, very significant and necessary so that they are made, thus we will have a support in case some incident where it deserves to restore the system.

Cloudways review 5

Server Management.

Besides having a section that allows us to control the applications, there are also sections that allow us to control other aspects related to the server.

Inside the Server Management, you will find as first tab that of the access credentials.

cloudways review 6

Once you enter the “Monitoring” tab you will be able to visualize the resource consumption (CPU, RAM, storage, among others) related to the server.

It is important to keep an eye on this section because once the server reaches its maximum storage, the performance of the websites will be affected.

cloudways review 7

In the “Manage Services” section you will be able to deactivate, activate and even restart any service required.

cloudways review 8

Within the tabs of “Setting & Packages” are the most advanced settings (SQL, PHP) in addition to other measures that we can modify as the size of files to upload to the cloud, memory limit, other options.

cloudways review 9

Also, there is another tab, which allows us to unblock and block an IP.

Cloudways Review

Equipment management.

This option is useful, because you can collaborate with other professionals, if you wish. On Cloudways, you can add other users totally or partially to the administration panels, in order to provide contributions for improvements.

cloudways review 10

You can configure the permissions that you will grant to the other users, in case of opting for this collaboration.

cloudways review 11
fastest WordPress Hosting
based in the cloud at low cost.

Cloudways Services for WordPress

What is Cloudways WordPress Migrator?

If you are worried about migration, Cloudways has the Cloudways WordPress Migrator plugin, where you can migrate your old websites to the current Cloudways platform.

You can do this easily through this plugin.

cloudways review 12

This plugin is completely free, and has no further complexity or problems.

The best thing is that you don’t have to be uploading files, but with just a few clicks you can migrate all the information quickly.

Cloudways Support Service

Cloudways has a technical support service through a chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, which is available for you to ask questions about this service.

But, if you have a more confusing problem, you can request a ticket. Also, they have a forum for the entire Cloudways community where you can read other user comments and help you in the early resolution of problems or questions.

As a complement tool, they have a bot, which is in charge of notifying if there is any new message or any news about updates, risks or problems that may arise in the platform, allowing you to receive the information live and if necessary you can apply the improvements that they point out.

Its support team, responds almost immediately to any question that is made, this makes users feel very satisfied and pleased with the support services offered by Cloudways to its customers.

Cloudways Pricing

The Cloudways system, uses the pay-per-use method. This type of payment, will allow you to pay on a monthly basis, only what you really need without making overpayments, which may be unnecessary.

That is, if you only need to use a specific function for one or two months, you will only pay the increase in those months you need and you will not have to pay a full year as in other hostings. This is an excellent tool if you want to reduce expenses and pay only for what you really need.

In other words, you may find the ways of paying that Cloudways uses somewhat confusing, since they also work with various providers.

Some WordPress Cloud Hosting providers that work with Cloudways are: Linode, DigitalOcean, Vultr, Google Cloud, AWS. The cheapest are DigitalOcean, Vultr and Linode, their plans range from $10 to $13 per month.


The higher valued Cloud Services are from Google Cloud Platform and AWS that cost around $33.


There are other providers for hosting that may seem to be cheaper than Cloudways.

In reality, those services they offer us, lead us to manage every detail without any advice. If you do it through Cloudways, you will cancel a little more, but you will avoid those technical details that can be cumbersome, since it will manage everything in the hosting.

Advantages and Disadvantages
of Cloudways.

There are some things that can be highlighted from the opinions of Cloudways users.

Advantages of Cloudways.

It is easy to use for developers and beginners alike.

Its interface is very intuitive and organized.

Its settings are clear to use.

Free trial.

Its installation is simple and fast.

You can install several applications and plugins, managing them easily through its Applications tab.

If you have several clients, you can manage them all through several categories.

Web cloning is easy and provides you with a temporary URL while you get your own domain. This way, you can make several test websites.

You cancel only what you want to use. Here you apply "pay as you go", which does not tie you to mandatory annual payments.

When using the shared hosting plan, you must cancel a full time period in order to enjoy its advantages.

When you cancel the use in Cloudways, it allows the performance evaluation through the extra server resources. You will be able to evaluate the speed of your web.

Disadvantages of Cloudways.

It does not have an editor for files, they must be managed through FTP. But instead of editing a file directly, you must be uploading and downloading to do so.

Do not register domains, for this you must have an additional provider and then assign it to the desired application.

They don't have hosting for emails. According to the user's this can be an advantage or a disadvantage. Everything will depend on the use of the web.

We do recommend Cloudways because,

Although some people like or dislike the Cloudways wordpress hosting services, the vast majority find this hosting service quite good, with very reasonable prices. 

Initially, you may find somewhat complex ways to understand the different cloud services, but once you go, follow the step by step on the platform, you will know how to set the cloud hosting.

Cloudways, offers a financial plan that will suit each consumer. This plan is adapted to the needs that you may be presenting at the time, without resorting to other more expensive rates, often with facilities that you will not need.

The way to manage it is very simple. Working with WordPress and other applications makes things even easier and improves the options on why to use it.

It’s considered the best cost-to-service balance there is for WordPress hosting services today.

Cloudways, is considered one of the best for those who manage several clients or projects. Similarly, for those who have constant traffic to their website at certain times of the year.

If you still don’t know whether to choose Cloudways, you can try their free 3-day trial. This way, you will be able to check each of the sections you have.

Cloudways, has become a platform full of many options for developers and even those beginners who have not yet mastered the use of hostings.

Its way of organization, makes it a very predictive and useful interface for users. Even for those who have several projects.

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