Arabs in Mexico. Assimilation and Cultural Heritage

arabs in mexico

Mexico is a country that has received people from many nationalities along history. The Arab presence in Mexico has been a story of people living behind their homeland with the hope of a better quality of life. Arabs, especially Lebanese, have been adapted to the Mexican culture. They have reached a point where in present […]

Digital Customer Experience in Logistics Platforms.

Digital Customer Experience in Logistics Platforms

Digital platforms are becoming a more and more powerful tool for both companies and users. Such technological instruments’ capabilities are shaping the way of doing business. This new digital era will particularly benefit the customers. Victoria Mendoza Linkedin – Victoria Mendoza Table of Contents Written by This post is also available in: English Español Deutsch […]

Analysing Characteristics and Behaviour of Backpackers in Latin America.

Analysing Characteristics and Behaviour of Backpackers in Latin America

It is often the case that high-end and luxurious tourism is more preferred by national governments, while it is said that it brings a lot of revenue to the destination. However, the biggest share of that revenue ends up outside the incoming country in the form of economic leakage. This prevents local economies and communities […]

Virtual Reality and Human Behavior.

Virtual Reality and Human Behavior

In recent years the concept of Virtual Reality (VR) has become more prominent within the computer field. Experiencing how it could be living in a virtual world was only possible through the movies. However, with the increasing popularity and relatively easy availability, the experience is tangible nowadays. Nevertheless, with a great power, comes a great […]

IT Outsourcing practices of German companies.

IT Outsourcing practices of German companies

In current times we cannot talk about technology and globalization as a separate subject. We need to be aware that both are linked, thus how can we talk about improvements and innovations in a world where there is still a reluctance for cooperation with other cultures in the sphere of IT? Karina Toral Linkedin – […]