Canon G5010 Review Simple and efficient printer

Printers with integrated ink system have taken a step forward and shown that, beyond offering us more ink capacity, they give us a number of benefits that are worth emphasizing.

And, giving an example of them, the Canon G5010 printer is presented as one of the best options to have at home or office, learn more by reading to the end.

Canon G5010 Review
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Advantages of printers with integrated ink system

When we talk about integrated ink systems, we are referring to the device that is installed in inkjet printers and consists of tanks and cartridges that are connected with silicone hoses.

By means of vacuum, and in a constant way, the ink will pass from the tanks to the cartridges. Apart from being referred to as integrated ink system printers, they are also often referred to as continuous ink printers, in both cases the same characteristics are mentioned.

In the past, this type of system could be purchased separately and, with enough knowledge, there was the possibility of adapting them to almost any model that came to mind. With the progress of the brands nowadays the newest printers have it inside the factory.

The printers with integrated ink system are presented as a great solution for those equipments where the demand is high and the cartridges are not empty, so today they act as one of the most sought after by any type of customer.

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What are the advantages of printers with integrated ink system?

To give you a little more insight into why you should take home one with these features in your next purchase we have the advantages of printers with integrated ink system from a general perspective:

The main advantage that can be pointed out is the significant reduction in cost per print, as the use of original cartridges is eliminated since one integrated ink system is equivalent to 80 original cartridges. This means that savings of up to 90% are created.

Print quality is not compromised. In fact, in some respects it is even better.

If you constantly check the levels of the tanks you can anticipate the purchase of ink and, in a simple way, you can refill them yourself, so you will not have to pay a specialist.
It gives you the possibility of using different types of ink depending on your printing needs (the best will be oil-based for paper prints and water-based for tracing paper, photographic and sublimation).

Printers with integrated ink system can be used for different needs, whether they are used at home, cybers, offices, businesses or companies.

When you avoid using original cartridges you are helping the environment.

So, we have already seen that the advantages of printers with integrated ink system go far beyond not having to run out of ink from time to time for not knowing when it is time to fill.
However, one of the most attractive aspects is undoubtedly the fact that you are saving money when you use one of these systems and not the original cartridges that need to be changed so many times.

Canon G5010 printer features

The Canon G5010 printer is designed for those who need a high-volume tool for both traditional document printing and photo printing, both of which are high quality.

The new PIXMA G5010 offers a high page yield of up to 8,300 pages of text (in Economy mode) in black or 7,700 pages in vibrant color, as well as a combined capacity of about 350 sheets of plain paper.

This printer features easy connectivity, making it possible to print high-volume work from multiple devices. The Canon PIXMA G5010 was introduced to the world as a seamless, single-function wireless printer that will keep up with all your home or office printing needs.

This one can be used with great ease from a smartphone or tablet, thanks to the Canon PRINT app, AirPrint and Mopria Print Service as long as you are connected to Wifi. It is thanks to this wireless connection that it has a simple and easy setup process.

The Canon G5010's integrated ink system is all you need!

This, like the other Canon G-Series multifunctional printers, has an integrated ink system, which allows for convenient ink display and refilling.

To accomplish the action described above, compatible GI-10 ink bottles are used. These bottles have a specially designed nozzle to easily and smoothly pour the ink into the tanks without compromising the product.

The Canon PIXMA G5010 printer uses both dye-based and pigment-based ink. Specifically talking about the pigment-based black ink formulation, it gives us the possibility to get as a result a black color that is not only sharp, but also long lasting.

In addition, the dye-based ink formulation will give us the possibility to obtain vivid and colorful images, an experience that has rarely been appreciated before. Its cartridges are fully compatible with GI-10 BK (170 ml) and GI-10 C, M, Y (70 ML).

If you don’t need a scanner or copier, then this fits fine for you.

Features specified by the manufacturer of the Canon G5010

To understand a little more about this printer, let’s take a look at the features of the Canon G5010 as provided by the manufacturer:

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