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Multifunction printers were designed with the intention of offering in a single tool many of the solutions that companies, small or large, need on a daily basis.

Learn why your SMB might need one, and why the best choice might be the Canon G4110 Multifunctional Printer.

Canon G4110
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Why do SMEs need multifunction printers?

Every business, regardless of its sector or size, needs to carry out a series of basic tasks such as printing, photocopying, scanning documents, sending emails, among others.

Although at first glance it may seem like one of the main challenges for SMBs, the truth is that employing the best expert tools to carry out the above processes is within the reach of anyone who knows how to make good decisions in the acquisition of their equipment.

Multifunctional printers for SMBs are currently presented as the best tools because, to sum it up a bit, they are able to contribute a lot when it comes to saving costs and time, which is what everyone should be betting on.

Having the latest technology is not about being fussy, but about being at the forefront with those advances that can allow us not only to do a better job, but also to optimize processes in such a way that quality, speed and security are enhanced to the maximum.

Why should every SME opt for multifunctional printers?

When it comes to multifunctional printers for SMBs we know that there are many out there already, and depending on the model or brand there may be certain reasons why it is a good idea to take it with you to your business.

However, if we evaluate them from the question of why SMBs need multifunctional printers then we can draw at least three points of great interest for all kinds of business. And, in order for you to understand more about what we are talking about, we have decided to specify them below:

Canon G4110

Canon G4110 printer features

The Canon G4110 printer, or PIXMA G4110 wireless multifunctional printer (its full name), stands out for providing the ability to print, copy, scan and send faxes all from a single tool that will simplify processes to optimize and make the work of employees more flexible.

It features a 20-sheet automatic document feeder and a 2-line LCD display. Many of the popular features found in previous models have also been incorporated into this printer, such as the integrated hybrid ink system, borderless printing capability, among others.

Specifically, the PIXMA G4110’s hybrid ink system employs pigment inks and hybrid dyes that result in improved image quality with darker blacks, crisp text, and vibrant colors that offer great visual impact.

The printer also comes with a larger ink pad, which makes it possible to absorb a greater amount of ink waste, thus increasing print volume. In addition, its airtight tube is high quality, flexible and durable, preventing the ink from drying out when the ink is not in use.

The ink refill method specified in the features of the Canon Multifunctional G4110 printer tells us about a lower cost per page, increasing page production. It produces up to 6,000 black and white pages per bottle and a total of 7,000 color pages.

Its ink bottles will offer a substantial ink capacity with 135 ml in the bottle indicated for black color, and 70 ml per bottle used for color prints. The printer has been built for user convenience.

The Canon Multifunctional PIXMA G4110 printer tells us that the future is today!

Among the features of the Canon Multifunctional PIXMA G4110 printer we find that it offers a much easier and dynamic Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, it has the wireless printing experience for smart devices that is enabled through the Canon PRINT app as long as it is updated.

This is a feature that provides the ability for documents and photos to be copied using smart devices, as well as easy printing.
Apart from that, with the Canon PRINT app there will also be the option to print from different platforms and social services, such as Dropbox, Instagram, Facebook, Google Drive, Evernote and Microsoft OneDrive.

The compatibility of the Canon Multifunctional PIXMA G4110 printer is extensive, to print from Gmail and Google Docs you can connect to Google Cloud Print on a mobile device. From the computer you can use Google Chrome for Mac, Linux, Windows and Chrome computers.

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