16 Best WordPress Plugins for Entrepreneurs

When it comes to get the most out of our work as entrepreneurs and web developers, there is no better alternative using the best WordPress plugins.
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Carlos' Opinion -
Best WordPress Plugins.

WordPress Blogger life is a path with lots of work, questions and learning.

Creating a website for yourself, for your business or for any reason you want to have a website might sound an easy thing now a days.

Being a blogger for around 6 years, had made me learn how exciting this digital world can be.

As a solopreneur, and creating my website, learning WordPress and how it works is one of the most important skills I have developed for myself.

Learning about WordPress eventually helped me on my student job.

WordPress development has been a highly demand skill that many companies are looking for.

Of course, WordPress is one of the main content management systems used all around the world.

And in order to improve a WordPress Website, there are the useful WordPress plugin.

Finding out which are the best WordPress plugins for SEO, for Web Design, Security, internationalization and so on, has not been a short path.

Creating websites on WordPress is a test and fail, test and success path.

There is no right or wrong way, there is only the WordPress Way.

Of course, there are strategies that could help your WordPress Website to sky rocket and improve.

In this article, we share some of the best wordpress plugins that could help you on your website development.

What is WordPress Plugin?

Although there are thousands of options, the idea is that you know the most useful ones, so that with just a few plugins you can get the maximum potential out of your website.

All those who use WordPress frequently know that this, even with its goodness, is designed to offer standard functions and configurations that for many is not enough.

A plugin is the program that is installed to WordPress in order to expand and take better advantage of these functions.

In general, to understand the reference, we can tell you that a plugin plays a role similar to that of the add-ons or extensions that we install on the browsers we use.

In fact, it is important to note that WordPress plugins are designed with the same technology used for these attachments.

The advantage of installing a WordPress plugin is that you can perform almost any work from the program, which increases its potential and versatility, expanding its functions beyond serving as a niche to design a blog.

How does a WordPress Plugin work?

The main function of a plugin is to turn WordPress into a more complete tool, providing additional functions that link it with software or web applications.

There are companies that use WordPress plugins for corporate mail to have an encrypted traffic, for example, and this is only achieved thanks to a specific type of plugin.

The first thing to know when installing plugins to WordPress is why we need it?

Since there are many types and each one fulfills a specific function.

It should be noted that in order to install a plugin to WordPress you must already have the tool, since the plugin alone will not help you, unless it is linked and configured with a main program.

On the other hand, the functionality of each plugin brings to WordPress the advantage of equipping the program with functions that do not interfere with or significantly modify the original size of the tool. 

Moreover, in case you do not want to continue using a plugin, you can uninstall it without affecting the main functions of the tool, because when you install it, the program code is exported to the plugin and not the other way around.

Types of WordPress Plugins that exist.

Nowadays there is a WordPress plugin for any type of program or software.

Remember that these are not only used in WordPress, so it is very likely that you have already taken advantage of a few without realizing it.

In fact, if you are knowledgeable about the subject you should know that today there are more than 30 thousand plugins created in WordPress and that, if one has not been created, then it can be done.

For its part, among the most used types of plugins in WordPress you will find categories:

Social Media.
Email Marketing.
Among many more.

For its part, in addition to the catalog of free plugins that you find on sites like Desk or there are also developers who are dedicated to designing plugins in premium version that focus on improving the elements and functionality of WordPress, as well as solve problems that may arise with the tool.

Level of security that WordPress Plugins offer you.

From the outset you should know that plugins can represent an access for hackers to your content.

So it is necessary to understand the level of risk that is assumed and related to the installation of a plugin in WordPress.

Currently, attacks through plugins have focused on accessing web portals in order to disseminate code without the permission of the administrators.

The security that a plugin provides to the program where it is installed is measured through the gaps that it may have so that others can access the information that has been registered in this application.

A basic example of a security breach of a plugin is that it works as a database to which people with deviant intentions of the real objective of the information enter, take possession of it and use it to affect potential victims.

It should be noted that the more people access the page or computer where the tool with the plugin is installed, the higher the risk that its security will be weakened.

On the other hand, we cannot ignore the fact that many plugins are designed by freelancers, amateurs and individual programmers who are unknown to the end user, which represents a risk by not being clear about the real function of the plugin, the gaps in the design and the security measures that it will bring to the tool.

From this same branch, there are plugins that are designed with the sole purpose of negatively affecting the platform where the user works, causing the loss of important data by downloading malicious software, spyware and malware.

In conclusion, even when the plugin is necessary to take advantage and optimize the benefits of a tool, it is always important that the sources from which they are obtained are serious and reliable, which is known to investigate further.

Be sure to validate this information before installing a plugin to WordPress just because it says that it offers extremely useful and interesting features.

Keep in mind that even at rest, plugins bring with them the risk of a security breach, so we stress the importance of knowing where they come from before installing them.

On the other hand, as well as the main tool, plugins are constantly updated, so you must make sure you always have the latest version, since these updates are made in order to detect, correct and fix the gaps and weaknesses of previous versions.

The idea of working with WordPress is not only to become experts in its functionality but to know how to take advantage of the opportunities and IT alliances that can be created by installing plugins, which will boost the developer’s work.

Take into account the following WordPress plugins to work with your website that you can’t miss.

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO.

They work as content optimizers, so that the page you are working on quickly reaches the first places in search and consultation by Internet users.

Their main objective is to support developers in everything related to content, theme and SEO positioning keys.


Another plugin that favors content optimization.

In general, developers debate between Yoast and Rank Math, since their goal is to provide tools that allow them to create articles that sell through different media thanks to the image and quality of the information offered.

Rank Math has turned out to be the best WordPress Plugin for Seo due to its features that easily outranks any other competitor.

Rank Math has the ease of creating the meta data, plus it also supports the creation of structured data and schema that is required for SEO.

Rank Math helps you with the creation of the sitemap in just a couple clicks, and it has an easy integration with search engines such as Google Search Console, Bing Webmasters, Yandex and more.

Rank Math Pro also adds new features to its users by having Schema for Video to support your video indexation.

It also has an internal analytics, that it still needs improvement, but it gives users a view of the SEO data to be considered to support the website traffic growth.

Advantages of Rank Math

SEO Audit.

Keep control on your SEO efforts, and analyze what pages and posts are ranking and which could be improved.

Content analysis.

Rank Math SEO score helps you to be aware of what can be on-page optimized to improve your content.

Integrates with search engines like Google Search Console.

Create a quick integration with search engines to have a better and faster indexation.

Schema Markup.

Add the proper page structure to your pages and posts to support Rich Snippets.

The possibility of choosing up to 5 keywords per article.

Keep track of different targeted keywords on the same page.

Rank Math Pro

For Individuals & Solopreneurs
$ 59
  • Unlimited Personal Websites
  • Track 500 Keywords
  • Schema Generator

Rank Math Business

For Agencies
$ 199
  • Add the plugin for Client Websites.
  • Track 10,000 Keywords.
  • Schema Generator


It works as a WordPress optimizer for those content managers looking to improve the SEO of their website. 

In general, Yoast SEO serves to enrich and analyze the information that is uploaded to the page you are working on, which allows it to be the extension of choice for those who work as a CMS in WordPress.

As Rank Math appeared in recent years, Yoast might be considered now as the second best WordPress plugin for SEO.

Advantages of Yoast

Sitemap Creation.

Allows you to create Sitemaps, which avoids the configuration of WordPress with other plugins.

Open-graph optimization.

Optimizes and facilitates the development and use of social networks, making the content displayed through this medium is of quality in terms of image, description and title.

Readability score.

It is a plugin that has a validated and effective web readability, which brings several associated advantages, such as: being more read, that users click on the content you publish, that Internet users stay longer on your website and consume your content over others.

SEO score.

It gives you information about the best way to improve your content.

Best WordPress Plugin for Lead Generation.

When it comes to creating forms that allow you to collect data from customers who visit your website, lead generation plugins are the most widely used in WordPress.


This plugin fulfills a basic and fundamental function: that of serving to design and apply forms that keep track of the information that is managed on the platform where you work.

Advantages of WPForms

Easy to create forms.
Access to predefined templates that can be applied immediately.
Form customization fields that relate directly to the information collection strategy.
Allows the use of customized landing pages.
Easily integrates with other plugins.

Best WordPress Plugins for Speed Optimization.

When it comes to optimizing WordPress speed with a plugin, the best options are those that allow you to take advantage of other functionalities as well.


A plugin that allows you to optimize the speed of your website so that both you and your customers can take full advantage of the content. WP Rocket is a paid plugin and allows you to take advantage of other WordPress features as well.

Advantages of WPRocket

It has the best technical support, warranty and assistance.
Allows you to dump OPCache information from PHP.
It is friendly when it comes to implementing the services of another CDN.
Allows the management and retrieval of information from Varnish.
Includes the Prefetch DNS cache.
Works as a resource saver.

W3 Total Cache

When working from a platform that has a memory of this rating, the W3 Total Cache helps the page process faster.

Advantages of W3 Total Cache

CDN support is supported.
Database objects are provided with the option to cache.
Site loading is made faster thanks to minification of Javascript and CCS files, as well as HTML.
It offers different alternatives for collecting website cache.
It is compatible with dedicated, virtual dedicated and shared hosting.
It is easy to install.
It has complete documentation and quality support.

Best WordPress Plugins for Web Design.

Enhance the look of your site by installing a plugin that gives you design options for your site beyond what WordPress offers.


This plugin offers the drag and drop mode as a visual layout designer.

Its main objective is to allow the page to be built step by step in real time, thanks to the option of dragging and dropping the elements or widgets that will give life to the blank page.

Advantages of Elementor

It is free of charge.
The editing process is simple.
You don't need to be an expert in CCS or HTML.
Elementor Pro allows you to design and build the menus and footers of your page.
You will not depend on WordPress templates.
It is stable.
You do the editing work live and direct.

WordPress Plugins for Elementor

When it comes to optimizing the performance of a plugin, you will also find plugins that you can install to optimize the function of web design plugins.

Element Pack

A plugin that allows you to complement Elementor when adding options and resources that help the construction of a website.

Advantages of installing Element Pack are that it brings more than 55 new elements to Elementor, and it complies with PHP 7x, HTML5 and CCS validation.

Ultimate Addons

Another plugin that will only serve to optimize the function of Elementor that you can not miss.

It offers the best tools for the design of a website.

The advantages of installing Ultimate Addons are that it has a fast and lightweight design, it includes innovative widgets, and its templates have a unique design.

It is a fully responsive plugin, is compatible with WooCommerce and has a friendly design.


This plugin is designed to be used only in WordPress, so, with another content manager will not work. Its goal is that you do not have to design your page from scratch.

Thanks to its visual layout you will save hours of work.

Advantages of Divi

Easy to use.
It is in several languages.
It has live editing without having to use the preview.
It is a fully Responsive plugin, which allows you to make elements visible on the devices you choose.
It allows the design of a page without being an expert in CCS or HTML.
Supports exporting configurations from JSON.
Compatible with Woocommerce.

Best WordPress Plugin for Security.


When it comes to protecting your website from attacks by intruders and malicious elements, the best strategy is a security plugin.

A plugin that performs the function of an antivirus that scans files that enter WordPress and a Firewall that blocks intruders who want to access your site without a verified and trusted identity.

Thanks to its statistics on the behavior of Internet users, it perceives and warns about hacking attempts, hacking and traffic trends.

Its free version is one of the most secure.

With Wordfence you can have a 2FA to add a security layer to your WordPress Website.

Updraft Plus

A plugin that will allow you to back up all the information that makes up your site.

The advantages of installing Updraft Plus are that you can restore your website in a few minutes and it restores the web in whole or in part.

It allows the programming of schedule and frequency of backups, make separate backups, and it support you to save the backups of your web server.

Best WordPress Plugin for Appointments and Bookings.


If your website offers booking services, a plugin that will allow you to optimize the functionality of your product is Booking.

Like the web portal, the Booking plugin is specially designed to optimize the booking service with options to select the type of information you want to see and receive.

It allows linking to payment portals, and contains functions for selecting and configuring date format, language, search filters, etc.

As well, it offers a user-friendly design.

Best WordPress Plugin for Multilingual Site.

To optimize your site and allow access to users from anywhere in the world, a multilingual plugin is the best option.


The advantages of installing WPML are its Easy and fast installation.

It is compatible with WooCommerce and other WordPress plugins.

It supports plenty of languages and its integration with Deepl makes WPML a great option for a multilingual Website.


Another must-have plugin if you want to give your website the opportunity to be seen by more users internationally.

Weglot is easy to install. 

It is compatible with other WordPress plugins.

Weglot allows to customize language selection, and the  translation management is accurate and fast.

Best WordPress Plugin for Blogs.

If you work on a blog and want to offer your followers creative and friendly reading alternatives, a plugin to optimize your site is the right choice.

AMP for WP

The main function of AMP is to optimize the blog site for users browsing from their mobile devices, so that they can do it with the same performance as if they did it from the PC.

The advantages of installing AMP for WP are a faster loading of content.

It supports Googles AMP project for faster websites and it optimizes performance on sites with a lot of user traffic.

Insert Headers and Footers

Although not one of the most famous plugins, some of us still make sure to take advantage of every last space on a blog to give quality information to the reader.

Installing Insert Headers and Footers supports on the additional code that should be added on specific areas of the WordPress Website.

As easy as installing, and adding the code either at the header or the footer, this plugin will solve this need on an easy way.

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