5 Best Website Builder Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2023

Best Website Builder Affiliate Marketing Programs
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There are many website builders on the market today that offer affiliate marketing programs.

These programs can be a great way to earn some extra income.

There are multiple types of people who need website builders, from advanced WordPress developers, to professionals who offer coaching sessions, but are not really into website developing, so they choose the easiest platform to create a website to promote their services.

The market to promote website builders is big, and there are popular website creation platforms that are ideal for each case.

Contrast to the best email marketing affiliate programs that are more specific to a task, the affiliate marketing website builder programs can have a wider audience.

For example, WordPress has been for years the most popular CMS platform with tons of plugins, including those that can help build your website easily like Elementor or Divi, which include website templates and drag and drop features as site builders.

In other hand, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace are other platform that include marketing tools to promote the created website and they are mainly focus for totally beginners, so their knowledge is basic when it comes to choose a website builder.

Therefore, if you are an affiliate marketer, you can promote these website builders for affiliate marketing and start increasing your commissions.

Here are five of the best website builder affiliate marketing programs to consider.

Elementor - Best Website Builder for WordPress

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Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and has an affiliate marketing program to match.

As Elementor is worldwide used, it is one of the best website builder for affiliate marketers to promote.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 50% affiliate commission on sales of Elementor Pro plans.

And with Elementor’s growing popularity, there’s potential to earn a lot of money.

The best part about the Elementor affiliate program is that it’s free to join.

You can het your affiliate link from the Cellxpert platform, which is where the affiliate marketing website is hosted, and you can there obtain the tools you need to start promoting it.

So if you’re already promoting WordPress products or any other digital marketing tool, or are looking for a new way to make money online, then this could be a great opportunity.

Divi - Website Builder Affiliate Program


The Divi website builder affiliate marketing program is a great way to earn income from your website.

By becoming an affiliate, you can earn a 50% commission on every sale that you refer to the Divi website builder membership plans.

So if you are already having a list of your email marketing that is focused on WordPress, you can share your knowledge on the website creation process and promote the other popular WordPress website drag-and-drop builder, Divi

The more sales you refer, the higher your commission will be, so focus on developing your affiliate website to gain more visitors and potential customers for the plugin.

Plus, you’ll also get access to exclusive tools and resources that will help you promote the Divi website builder to your audience.

Wix - Affiliate Marketing Program 


The Wix Website Builder Affiliate Marketing Program is a great way to earn commission on sales of Wix products.

Wix works highly on their marketing campaigns online to promote building websites with them, making it a popular alternative for WordPress for those who need a website.

If you’re new to building websites as well, and start to use Wix, you will recognize that the interface and marketing platform is designed to be a simple drag-and-drop website builder for beginners, hence you can promote it to people who have no experience

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $100 commission on sales of Wix products that you refer.

The Wix affiliate marketing site is free to join and easy to use.

Simply sign up for an account and start promoting Wix products to earn commission.

Weebly - Website Builder Affiliate Marketing Program 


Weebly Website Builder Affiliate Marketing Program enables you to make money by referring others to Weebly.

You can promote Weebly free plan at first so that your referrals create their free website, and eventually as they need more marketing features, upgrade to a paid plan.

When someone you refer signs up for a paid Weebly plan, you’ll earn a commission.

The more people you refer, the more you can earn!

Weebly’s affiliate program offers up to 30% of commission per sale and provides detailed tracking and reporting tools.

Squarespace - Program for Affiliate Marketers


Squarespace’s Website Builder Affiliate Marketing Program is a great way to earn income by referring customers to their website builder service.

As an affiliate, you’ll earn a commission on every sale you refer, and Squarespace provides all the tools and resources you need to be successful.

The program is free to join, and there’s no minimum sales requirement, so it’s a great opportunity for anyone interested in website building or online marketing.

They also offer a wide range of creative resources to help you promote their products.

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