7 Best Webinar Software

Having a conversation through a video call in real time, which is being transmitted through web, specialized for that, is known as Webinars and today we will show you the 7 Best Webinars software.

The name Webinars is given to differentiate them from other video call systems, since you can have interaction with those in charge of the conference or seminar and also give many uses to the platform, such as recruiting staff, group meetings, product launches and generate interest in your service.

Best Webinar Software
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Webinar Advantages

It is important to understand what is needed to have the best Webinar software in order to know which of the ones we are going to show you is the most suitable for what you want to do.

Besides knowing what Webinars is for and the best platforms for Webinars, where you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Remember that these platforms can help you as a worker, entrepreneur, student or social person. Webinar software is used to have a better online communication with a group of people, to interact in real time and not lose information in the process.

The characteristics that you should take into account when choosing a Webinar software are the following:


A Webinar platform or Webinar software should have the ability to keep your contact information hidden, as well as the attendee list or to limit the number of attendees. Being able to manage the platform for your convenience is also part of security.

Number of attendees

Depending on what you want to do with the Webinar software, it is important to keep in mind that the prices of these platforms are usually based on the number of attendees, so you should know what your average number of attendees is.

Interaction with the audience

A Webinar Software must have tools that allow you to interact with the attendees and achieve a participatory Webinar that is an entertaining experience for both the presenter and the attendees.

Ability to share screen

This can be something important for trainers, since with this tool they can show their attendees what is on their screen and give examples or explanations based on what is being shown.

Recording sessions

Many users have as a requirement for Webinars to be able to record the session, in order to make revisions or take it to another platform. Some Webinar Software has the tool to record automatically.

Technical assistance

Do not hire a Webinar Software that does not have technical support, especially if you are using the system for the first time. The wizard can give you the necessary guidelines to solve problems during the Webinar.

Knowing the characteristics of a good Webinar platform, let’s take a look at the 7 best Webinar software and how much it costs to make a Webinar.

Webinar platforms or Webinar Software are the best option and the most used nowadays, due to the different advantages they present. In this time of isolation and social distancing, these platforms have taken a great fame, thus making everyone know the different resources they provide in many areas of work. 

Although they tend to be more used for online sales marketing and online courses or training, Webinar Software can be used for Podcasting, streamers, friends and family meetings, creating online social events or broadcasting live concerts through your personal link. 

Many uses and countless advantages you can get in any of the Webinar Software described above, do not hesitate to enter and perform free trials and make all the comparisons you think necessary to make the choice that best suits you, your goals and needs. 

Best Webinar Software


If you want to present a product or make your brand known through a Webinar, Demio is the ideal platform for you. It has a direct use from the web so it is not necessary to download any program to start the transmission and your guests only enter by clicking on the invitation link that you give them.

You can integrate the marketing tools you already have in your personal use.

Demio Webinar Software provides interactive chat, polls and featured actions to inspire action and generate more revenue.

These engagement tools allow for better interaction with attendees, generating a better experience.

Technical support is available 24 hours a day with a maximum response time of 4 minutes.


If it is a requirement for Webinars to be able to record the sessions, Riderside meets your needs since it includes a Webinar Software that allows the recording of the seminars in real time.

It allows the download of files and audios at the end of the session, with a high quality. Get split-screen recordings with video quality completely independent of internet connection.

Riderside Webinar Software can be used for Podcasts, webinars, customer recommendations, virtual conferences, live shows, split-screen video. In addition, you can record the content in an automated way or in real time, so you don’t miss any detail.


As a professional you are looking for the best and the Webinar Software, GoToWebinar, is the best for your professional use.

With this software you have the necessary tools to carry out all the marketing activities that your brand requires, use interactive elements to make training easy and fun, in addition to being able to hold corporate meetings.

You have the best virtual assistance, you can record the seminars and have a wide space for attendance.

Make events quick and easy with this Webinar software. You can get a free trial and see if the platform meets all your requirements and needs.

Make your Podcast and download your content quickly and easily without the need for additional subscriptions or payments to get the recording.


If you need to make a great presentation, the Webinar Jam platform gives you the opportunity to have up to 5000 attendees and 6 presenters to collaborate with the presentation. It also provides HD quality videos, interactive and easily accessible communication tools that do not interrupt the presentation.

Automatically record the seminars, and use the ideal scheduling to make your Webinars at the time and moment you need them, in a flexible and easy to manage way.

You can turn an attendee into a presenter by simply dragging the user from one space to another.

As a platform, you can broadcast from anywhere with an internet connection. Create a web page and host your content on the platform in an unlimited way.


With LiveWebinar webinar software, you have access to different tools that can make your webinar experience the easiest and best of all. You can have easy browser access and unlimited customization to create a unique experience for both you and your attendees.

With LiveWebinar you get HD quality video and paid webinars, all under your domain and with the option of easy integrations.

Record your webinars in real time and then you can share them on the web by simply sending a link.

Use the interaction and marketing tools to achieve all the objectives of your presentation and be a professional.

You can register for free and see everything the platform has to offer before subscribing to a full package. 


Your sales have never been easier, with EasyWebinar webinar software, you have all the tools to organize live and automated webinars, creating pages and hosting your content securely.

If you are new to webinar marketing, this platform gives you the ideal steps to get your message across.
You can use the 14-day free trial to see what is one of the best webinar software offers and see if it does what you want it to do. Integrate all your resources and tools using EasyWebinar’s automated software.

Grow your business through all the resources that this Webinar Software provides you with.


There are many known advantages and disadvantages of ClickMeeting, but it clearly has all the necessary features to be among the 7 best software for Webinars.

Among the resources offered for free, you can see the 100% remote work guide, so you can start earning money without leaving home.

With ClickMeeting, create a great event where more than 50 people can attend, as well as create seminars, product presentations and business meetings. Use the different interactive tools to make your online course or training an enjoyable and fun experience.

Record all sessions or events in real time or automated so you don’t miss anything if you can’t participate or you have already pre-recorded the class.

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