Best VIP clubs in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza

When living in Germany, traveling to Spain is a must, since it only takes a couple hours to travel to the most popular destinations such as Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza and the island of Mallorca.

Usually, travelling to Spain means to run away from the German cold weather and have some warm and relaxing days at the amazing cities from Spain.

Following up we share a list of some of the Top VIP clubs in Barcelona, Madrid and Ibiza.

Best Vip clubs in Barcelona , Madrid and Ibiza
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Top Vip clubs in Barcelona

Spending some time in Barcelona is a must when visiting Spain.

Barcelona is one of the most important cities of Spain, and going there without visitng Barcelona is unimaginable. 

Barcelona offers this mix of cosmopolitan city plus the beauty of the sea.

Some of the best clubs in Barcelona can be found around the city, but also next to beach.

Toursits from around the world can enjoy this mix that Barcelona offers and visit clubs such as Opium or Eclipse that are just next to the beach.

Some other VIP Clubs around barcelona are Bling Bling and Pacha.

Or also the alternative for more lounge style like Club Nuba, where people can go there and enjoy some nice drinks.

That is the advantage of Barcelona, the mixture of offerings they have.


Top VIP clubs in Madrid

It it said that “From Madrid to the Sky”, referring to how heaven like is to be in Madrid.

And for sure, Madrid has its own charm. Naturally, the capital of Spain has to offer also some of the best nightlife from all around the world.

As an experience, visiting Club Kapital was a great night. A friend and I while visitng Madrid were taken to Club Kapital by a local friend.

Club Capital is best known for having 7 stages, and each of the stages they offer different rythms and atmospheres.

So, if for a moment someone feels the need of listening to different type of music, as simple of just going up stairs to search somethimg more according to ones mood. Way better than just going out to look for another club.

The way people in Madrid party is totally different from people in Germany, in terms of time.

Going to a VIP Club in Madrid also means to prepare to have some predrinks between around 12 AM and 3 AM, and from 3AM and so on people just start to get inside clubs. Being before that time, usually the clubs will be empty. The night life in Madrid is a real night life, since it the whole atmosphere makes you to be awake till the next day

Some other Top VIP clubs in Madrid are Teatro Barceló, Club Opium, and Oh my Club.

Top VIP clubs in Ibiza

If you are looking for luxury clubs, then Ibiza is well known for that.

Some of the Top VIP clubs in Ibiza are Pacha Ibiza, Amnesia, Privilege Destino Ibiza and Blue Marlin. 

Going to Ibiza, is going to find out the glamour that it offers and enjoy what it has to offer.

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