My top 10 best restaurants in Heilbronn, Germany

Living almost 4 years in Heilbronn, certainly gave me the experience to taste out some local and popular restaurants in the city.

Heilbronn, being a smaller city than Karlsruhe, Mannheim and naturally Stuttgart in Baden-Württemberg, it has less amount of restaurants available, but still there are a some delicious locations that offer great food to eat, plus some good beer, wine and drinks.

The advantage of a small city like Heilbronn, is that one can reach quite fast every place even if you don’t have a car, and that was one thing I really enyojed about most European cities, the availability to walk and explore the cities and discover new places, and of course tastes.

In this Heilbronn Food Guide, I share my selection of what could be the best restaurants in Heilbronn, but of course, I might be missing some, or some that are here might be less good for others.

Note I don’t include the “pseudo-mexican restaurants in Heilbronn”, mainly because I don’t consider them authentic mexican food, those are OK restaurants, and are popular, but honestly, nothing compares to authentic mexican food. 

10 best restaurants in Heilbronn, Germany
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MySapa, Vietnamese Restaurant

Mysapa Heilbronn

And honestly, I was not that much of an asian food lover until I tried the fried duck from MySapa.

This vietnamese restaurant has a good cook and good taste.

As usual, asian restaurants are cheaper in Germany than may other type of restaurants, so in my times in Heilbronn, one spent around 12€ for a meal.

MySapa has a variety of vietnamese and asian dishes that one can taste, but for me, I always went there to have that tasty fried duck with its yellow curry sauce and some rice.

Gaststätte Waldhornschenke, German Restaurant

If you want to have a local taste of German food, then the Gaststätte Waldhornschenke has some fantastic choices to get.

The restaurant is right next to the start of the Neckarmeile, which is one of the main Heilbronn streets where there are plenty of restaurants.

I liked to have here a Käse-Spätzle, which is a kind of cheese-egg-noodles that are typical from the Swabian region of Germany.

Also, during the afternoons, it was quite common to see some older Germans having their good beer mugs at this place.

If one is attentive, one should follow where the older crowd is, experience is key to know which places are good to have some beers or food.

Burgerheart Heilbronn

Burgerheart is a burger chain restaurant of Germany.

It has several locations around the country, and if we compare it with other popular burger chain restaurants, Burgerhearts taste way better.

What makes it special is that the restaurant is right next to the Neckar River, which in summer usually gets saturated of people walking by.

They have several types of burger and snacks options, so it is a good place to enjoy some time with friends, or to just stop by and take away some food.

Zum Lustigen Steirer, Austrian Food

Are you looking for Schnitzels?

Zum Lusting Steirer is an Austrian food restaurant, that has as speciality the Schnitzels, which is a breaded pork.

The place is further south Heilbronn, but accesible in bike, car or bus.

Overall, the place is cozy, has a good service and has that austrian atmosphere, so if you are looking to have a meal with an european feeling, than this is the place.

Ganesha Heilbronn, Indian Restaurant

For the lovers of different tastes and flavors, the indian restaurant Ganesha might be the best one in the area in their speciality.

Of course, I am not an expert in Indian food, but the menu of Ganesha offered a variety of dishes that one can share with friends and family.

The place is quite hidden, as it is inside the main building next to a Rewe and Obi, but still not that far from the city center.

Lehners, Franchise German Restaurant in Heilbronn

Lehners is another well known restaurant in Germany.

The location of this Lehners makes it really easy to have access to the restaurant as it is located near the Rathaus and next to the Neckar River.

Lehners offer common and traditional German dishes like Schweinshaxe, Linsen und Spätzle, Maultaschen and Beer.

Charivari, Italian Restaurant

If you want to have some special coctails, but in the meantime you also have lust for some italian food, then Charivari is a good option.

Charivari is located further back the big Sparkasse Bank building.

Usually, Charivari in Heilbronn is selected as a place to go afterwork due to its nice environment to have some pizza, pasta, or some drinks.

Mythos, Greek Restaurant

Mythos offers a menu that is outside of what is common in Germany, where there are plenty of Kebab places around.

Mythos has Greek food that its menu include some seafood.

I was quite impressed with everything I taste at this place, since they served the shrimps with a really nice presentation, plus the ice cream dessert amazed me.

Velo, Vegan Restaurant

For a non-vegan to visit a vegan restaurant might not be pretty common, but I want several times to Velo as the place has a really good food, that even the non-vegans will love.

Specially, if you are going for a breakfast or brunch meal, their pancakes were extremely good.

Velo is just some minutes far from the Rathaus, although you have to go behind some buildings since it is also quite hidden.

This place it is worth to be visited being or not a vegan.

Ins Kistle, Swabian Restaurant

Another cozy and warm place that makes you feel that you are at your house is Ins Kistle.

Here you can find as well Swabian food.

I you plan to try out some German food, Ins Kistle is also an option to visit.

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