5 Best Remote Access Software

Many times having remote access to a device is very important for specialists and technicians to make adjustments, repairs and activities inside the device.

For this there are remote access software, and we will be talking about the 5 best remote access software, so you know which one to use when performing your work.

From free remote access programs, to the best remote access software, you can find them for easy purchase, download and installation on the internet.

Let’s take a look at the advantages of the top 5 best remote access software.

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Advantages of Remote Access Software

All remote access software has different benefits and advantages to meet the needs of users.

From the ease of obtaining remote access services for free, to getting the best experience through the speed and speed of response to the remote intervention.

Although there are many remote access software, we can point out 5 that are the most used, reviewed and praised, both by professionals and beginners who only use them to perform small tasks. Within the long list of remote access software we can find the following:

chrome remote desktop

The world’s most widely used free remote access software. The main advantage of Chrome remote desktop is that you can get access to any device where the Chrome browser is installed.

This can be an excellent advantage because it is not necessary to download any external program, just install an extension in your browser.

Another advantage is in its ease of use, since in simple steps you can get the remote access software on your desktop and likewise get it on the other device and log in when necessary.

With Chrome Remote Dektop you can enter from your mobile device through its application to your desktop PC and perform the necessary activities.

teamviewer remote access software

Compared to the previous remote access software, TeamViewer presents more solutions through remote control, being one of the most useful tools, both for IT professionals and those who only use it at very specific times to perform certain activities.

It is a free application for personal use, but it also presents payment plans for IT companies and computer professionals. The TeamView remote access software offers the possibility to remotely control several computers at the same time, record sessions if necessary, as well as having a chat to communicate between computers.

The ability to create files and send documentation from one computer to another is another advantage of TeamView remote access software.

microsoft windows remote desktop

We all know the Windows operating system, which had its latest update to Windows 10, with countless advantages and benefits for its users. One of those new elements of the updates, is to be able to activate the Windows remote desktop, which you can access by obtaining the Windows 10 PRO license.

Although its use is not as simple as downloading, activating and starting, Windows is the most used operating system worldwide, so it is an advantage to be able to obtain directly with an update, a remote access software on the desktop, without downloading external applications.

With this remote access software, you can access all the devices that have the Windows remote desktop enabled.


If you want to create support and have constant help on your computer, Remote PC remote access software gives its users the possibility of maintaining a stable and quality connection with other PCs to work together, as well as giving the advantage of managing files and activities in a resumed way due to its excellent control.

With Remote PC you can create a group of collaborators to work together on the same document in real time. You can share screens on PCs, tablets and mobiles, with all the security that Remote PC offers. You can get up to 90% discount for two computers or enter the different plans that are available.

Use the free trial and find out if this one of the 5 best remote access software can meet your needs.

splashtop remote desktop software

To finish the list of the 5 best remote access software, we have Splashtop, the remote access software with the best cybersecurity for all those who are adapting to the new era of remote work or what we know as home office.

This software is the most used at the enterprise and business level.

It also has the advantages of all remote access software, with which you can have control, accessibility and management of other computers that have the software installed. You can perform free trials within the range of your interest, either for support or helpdesk purposes, for individuals or IT service providers.

With Splashtop, remote access becomes child’s play, due to its ease of use and installation.

any desk remote access software

Despite not being in this top 5, there is another remote access software that allows you to get the same benefits and advantages mentioned above. Anydesk gives you remote access to your PC the way you need it, you can go to their website and click on download Anydesk to get the remote access program for free.

Although they have their paid plans for businesses and professionals, you can get Anydesk free for personal use, with the basic tools for easy remote access. It can be used with any operating system and is not interfered with by other remote access programs that may be installed on your computer.

Remote Access Software has been the solution for many technical support companies for years and nowadays it has different uses and advantages for the rest of the population. Don’t hesitate to try the 5 best remote access software and choose the one that suits you best. 

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