Best Productivity Tools You Must Try Once

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Everybody is trying to increase their productivity, including students, homemakers and working professionals. All of us are attempting to work fewer hours and accomplish more work at home or office. 

But in this era of remote work, where digital and personal distractions abound, maintaining productivity can be really challenging. To continue producing, more may be required than just one person’s efforts. For this reason, using productivity tools makes perfect sense. 

It goes without saying that success in the workplace and enjoyment come from productivity. Productive individuals are highly valued, and productivity gives one a sense of fulfilment and achievement. With plenty of productivity tools present in the market, we need to use them to enhance or maintain our day to day productivity.

Best Productivity Tools You Must Try Once

What are Productivity Tools?


Productivity tools are programs made to make tasks easier and workflow more efficient. They usually come with features that let you work together with others, easily access documents, and make charts and graphs to show project planning, progress, and other details.  As a result, these productivity tools are crucial to maintain productivity at work as well as home.

Productivity tools are required not only for work, but also for organising other areas like home, fitness, social interactions, events, etc. Let us explore the best productivity tools that every individual should try at least once.


Evernote is a multipurpose productivity application that offers a unified platform for organising documents, taking thorough notes, and integrating multimedia to guarantee smooth information retrieval across platforms.

Key Features

  • Making notes: Utilise papers, PDFs, scans, photos, and audio.
  • Organising: For effective organising, use tags, notes, and a hierarchical framework.
  • Cross-platform: Evernote syncs notes between devices to make them accessible while on the go.
  • Robust search features and a configurable dashboard

To increase productivity, it provides tools including task management, document scanning, and web clipping. Professionals, students, and everybody who appreciates organisation should all use it.


Todoist is a to-do list application that offers both individuals and teams planning, organising, and project collaboration features. With the usage of this tool, users should be able to better arrange their thoughts for enhanced clarity and productivity. With progress trackers and comments, teams can work together more successfully and keep everyone on schedule. 

Key Features:

  • Recurring deadlines
  • Roles of team members
  • Labels: Automatic data backups; Priority levels

You may make tasks and subtasks, as well as prioritise, set due dates, and schedule recurring dates, using Todoist. Additionally, sharing tasks and working together on projects is a breeze. All main operating systems (iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and web) and Gmail and Outlook plugins are available for Todoist.

JINA Drawer

JINA Drawer is an app especially made for android users which helps them organise apps on their phone. On your Android phone, you can make various folders based on tags and personalise the entire collection of apps. With a tailored app list at your fingertips, you can locate the app with the aliases based on your own behaviours.

Key Features:

  • Search your apps alphabetically.
  • Option to arrange programs according to criteria like file size, date, frequency of updates, and so on.
  • Users have complete control to rename, remove, and reorganise the app.
  • Provide a sidebar for convenient and easy operation.

JINA Drawer helps you keep your android interface clean and clutter-free. You can organise frequently used apps on your home screen. In addition to android phones, our TV screens also need to be clean and clear of unwanted apps. For TV users, there are media players like Kodi media player that helps them access movies, and TV shows from different entertainment apps.

To make Kodi look cleaner there are Kodi builds that are basically preloaded versions of Kodi interfaces. They come loaded with addons, themes and custom settings that users can use directly without the need of organising anything. For new users, Xenon build and Doomzday Wizard are among some good Kodi builds working now. You can choose any build to make your Kodi interface cleaner and perfectly organised.


ProofHub, enables managers, teams, and clients to collaborate in a common location for more productive output. This program offers a wide range of capabilities to assist you in organising and planning group tasks. Because of ProofHub’s all-inclusive project management methodology, you can use its tools simultaneously for multiple projects with different clients. 

Key Features

  • Forms for requests
  • Noting Conversations in private
  • Privacy Configurations
  • Lists of things to accomplish

ProofHub functions similarly to a virtual monitor room, where you may approve or correct jobs and keep an eye on every team member’s behaviour. It integrates seamlessly with the organisation’s workflow and provides strong features that boost output.


Slack is a tool for group communication in the workplace that lets users build channels to talk about particular topics. Users can share crucial files and connect with their teammates thanks to this. 

  • Both public and private channels
  • Integrations of apps
  • The search feature
  • Workflow Creator
  • Distinct job areas

Slack provides voice, video, and instant messaging to enable users to communicate with coworkers and exchange information for increased efficiency. Among the particular functions this software offers are:


Freedom is a piece of software that helps users concentrate on their work and productivity by blocking websites and programs that can be distracting. Users can create blocklists by selecting the websites and apps that most disturb them. Because it helps people focus and frees up more time for work, freedom is good for the workplace. This program’s additional features include:

  • background noise
  • Add-ons for browsers
  • In locked mode
  • Setting up block sessions
  • History of the session

Your ability to restrict access to the areas of the internet that most irritate you is how the software works. This could be a news outlet, social networking website, certain laptop or smartphone apps, or even the whole internet.


Calendly removes the distraction of setting up meetings and allocating time for work, it’s an indispensable tool for marketers and small business owners. You may schedule activities from your calendar and designate apart times when you’re busy with this software. Instead of sending an email request to schedule a meeting, someone can use Calendly to make a reservation and choose a time that works for you both.

Key Features:

  • Easy & Powerful Scheduling
  • Numerous Robust Integrations
  • Improves Communication
  • More Efficient Workflows
  • Fewer Emails

This tool’s buffers make it especially helpful. In order to allow for last-minute meetings, users can even erect walls and schedule buffer times between meetings, such as ten-minute intervals for stretching or travel. This stops folks who have barely an hour’s notice from cramming your day or adding something to your itinerary.


It’s likely that you may flip between gadgets during the day. From desktop to smartphone to tablet; from computer to iPad to smartphone. If you’re constantly switching between tasks, it will be difficult for you to focus on your current project later in the day due to the distracting transitions. If everything on your devices were connected to one, wouldn’t life be so much simpler and less distracting? For this precise reason, Pushbullet is necessary.

Key Features

  • Getting notification across devices
  • Share website links across devices
  • Helps you to stay connected.
  • Pushbullet channels
  • File Transfer
  • End to End Encryption

You can share files and links instantaneously without sending yourself an email, send text messages from your PC, and view phone notifications on your tablet. These are but a handful of the perks that Pushbullet offers. This is an indispensable tool for the multi-device worker.


One-stop shop software for business management is called Scoro. Its goal is to optimise workflows by relieving you of mundane duties, giving you more time to concentrate on what really matters—making your customers happy. You can simply manage your team, keep track of time, generate and send invoices using Scoro.

Key Features:

  • Many tools for business
  • a wealth of instructional resources
  • A useful user interface
  • Excellent project oversight
  • Top smartphone apps with a 14-day free trial 

One of the best features is the team dashboard. It has all the information you need to quickly check in on projects, including profit, revisions to the budget, project steps, and more. It is easier to keep on schedule and, more crucially, under budget when the entire team has real-time access to all of this information.


Asana is another online tool for project management and planning. It focuses on automating and streamlining tasks to help teams fulfil goals and deadlines. With a variety of tools for monitoring and controlling workload and workflow, Asana seeks to streamline the employee aspect of project management and guarantee optimal team performance. To do this, Asana offers the following key features.

Key Features::

  • Schedules
  • Advancement boards
  • Timetables
  • Portfolios of projects
  • Procedure models

Because of its many collaboration and project management tools, Asana is starting to gain popularity among major players in the business. Asana is a tool that teams may use to collaborate with one another, exchange relevant information, and keep track of all of their assignments.

GoTo Meeting

A flexible web conferencing productivity tool that improves online teamwork is called GoToMeeting.Meetings can be hosted and attended by anyone from anywhere.

With its note-taking, screen-sharing, and recording capabilities, participants can stay productive and organised. Clear audio and video are provided for conversation and content sharing via the user-friendly interface.

Key Features

  • Using video conferences: Organise online meetings with excellent audio and video.
  • Share your screens with others to facilitate collaboration during sessions.
  • transcription and recording of meetings

GoToMeeting makes it easy to convert online meetings into dynamic conference calls while maintaining a straightforward meeting setup and scheduling process.


It’s likely that you handle your social media marketing, analytics, sales, support, and other tasks using a range of platforms, tools, and services. Cyfe enables your marketing staff to handle everything in one location rather than having to handle it separately for each one. Freshbooks, Alexa, Basecamp, Instagram, and more are integrated.

Key Features:

  • Starter Dashboard
  • Highlight Insights
  • Interactive and Embedded Analytics
  • Custom Data Sources
  • Pre-Built Templates
  • Widget Alerts
  • Automated Reports

No matter where you are or which tools each team member has access to individually, you can check in and see a clear picture of what’s going on at any given time thanks to the real-time data that is pulled into Cyfe from those tools. When combined with your small business’s past data, it helps you make more educated decisions while maintaining the security of your different marketing accounts.


Teams may increase productivity and performance by automating their workflows with Zapier, a platform that links various web apps. It assigns trigger events to web apps using processes called Zaps so they may carry out routine tasks, such as mailing surveys to different team members at a specific time each week. 

Zaps streamline monotonous procedures by enabling users to accomplish many ordinary actions simultaneously.Additional functions of Zapier consist of: 

  • App integration
  • Integration of apps
  • Zap photo sharing
  • Data encryption using many steps Zaps
  • Automated tasks

Zaps are multi step automations that users set up based on trigger events in one app and an action taken in another app as a result. Zapier is a versatile option because it works with a wide range of apps. Additionally, it offers webhooks, formatter tools, and scheduling support so that Zaps may be tailored to meet any business needs.


Toggl is a time-tracking program that offers three options to assist users increase their output at work. Teams may track project progress and see when members are available by using Toggl Plan. In order to better understand users’ workdays, Toggl Track has the ability to track and classify time spent working. For more efficient hiring, managers and recruiters can build job-specific skills tests with the aid of Toggl Hire. Some features include: 

  • Dashboard of combined data
  • Timeline Sharing
  • Monitoring alerts Templates
  • Project summaries

Toggl Track is ideal for all sizes of businesses, from tiny consulting firms to global conglomerates. Toggl Track is a tool used by teams all around the world to increase productivity and streamline workflow.

Time Doctor

Managers and other high-level staff utilise Time Doctor, an employee monitoring tool, to keep an eye on their team members’ work. Managers can utilise this tool’s features to monitor how their staff members use computers, as well as generate progress and time reports boosting output. Among Time Doctor’s helpful attributes are:

  • Automatic screenshots
  • Usage statistics for websites and applications
  • Integrations of apps
  • alerts for time use
  • Break tracker

Your team’s apps and websites, along with the amount of time spent on them, may all be monitored by Time Doctor. For Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android, Time Doctor is currently accessible. There is a Chrome plugin available if you would prefer to track online.

Summing Up

Businesses may cultivate a smooth and continuous improvement culture across all departments by integrating the appropriate productivity tools. This will allow them to adapt to changing market needs and provide consumers with outstanding service that will keep them coming back for more.

Adopting these technologies means setting the standard in a future where remarkable operational efficiency and satisfied customers go hand in hand, rather than just keeping up.

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