Best Mexican Restaurants in Heilbronn? I’m Sorry, not Found

If there is something I have to share out, is that in Heilbronn unfortunately there are no excellent mexican restaurants yet.

And yes, I know, there are some mexican style restaurants, but those are still far for being authentic Mexican food.

We mexicans, live and talk around mexican food.

It is quite hard to explain to a foreigner the differences between Taco, Burrito, Tostada and Enchiladas, which basically have the same ingredients, corn or flour tortilla with beef or chicken, but the difference relies on the presentation, and actually the taste slightly is different.

As a mexican, finding our spicy ingredients outside the country it is quite hard or expensive, and when we starve to taste our food, we search out for mexican restaurants.

Unfortunately, not always we are able to find real and authentic mexican dish outside our country, specially in Germany.

Heilbronn wasn’t the exception.

During my time living in Heilbronn there were basically only two mexican style restaurants, Enchilada and Sausalitos.

Time after, Joe Peñas was opened, so I don’t know exactly how it tastes, but from friend opinions, it is just another OK mexican restaurant.

Best Mexican Restaurants in Heilbronn
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Enchilada Heilbronn

Enchilada Restaurant is in Alle Post avenue, in a place that was decorated in a stereotypical mexican style.

I can consider this to be the best one in Heilbronn, as the quality of the foods and drinks were the closest ones to be like mexican food.

The personal and waitresses were friendly, so this place actually made us feel welcome.

It has a good selection of mexican dishes, which are ok to good for eliminating the desire of having some mexican food. 

Sausalitos Heilbronn

Sausalitos passed out to be my love and hate mexican restaurant, because they offered a good atmosphere with delicious cocktails from the bar, long service hours, but their tacos were just regular to bad.

There is the story were they had a discussion with me on a “Taco Tuesday”, because I posted an Instagram Story review where I mentioned that they raised the prices the double, served half of the usual portion, and the taste was actually bad.

One waiter came to our table asking if someone posted an Instagram story complaining about the Tacos, which I said that I did.

Nothing really happened after, just the waiter telling us that people in the kitchen were sad and mad of my story.


Joe Peña's Heilbronn

I don’t have too much to share about Joe Peña’s but it seems like a decent restaurant.

When I go back to visit Heilbronn, for sure I would like to taste and order in this place.

El Mero Mexicano in Stuttgart

For mexicans living in the Stuttgart region, including Heilbronn, this could be the best Mexican restaurant to visit in the area.

The place is mexican owned, and the cook are also mexican, plus the ingredientes are imported from Mexico.

The whole place is well decorated, and even in special mexican holidays, the restaurant offers some events, so visitors can get a nice experience.

I also reserved here a place for my 29th birthday for a big group around 30 people.

Everything was perfect, the music, the food and the whole environment.

This is a top place to be visited for those mexican food lovers.

Die Blaue Agave in Ludwigsburg

Die Blaue Agave is a mexican resturant in Ludwigsburg, which is half an hour away from Heilbronn.

I heard good recommendations about the place, but didn’t give myself the chance to visit the place and try it.

It is said to be also close to taste authentic mexican.

Overall, the good thing is that in Germany, there are tastes of Mexico that can be found.

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