7 Best Free WordPress Themes in 2023

best free WordPress themes
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WordPress themes today correspond to 80% of the importance of the creation of websites.

And a web theme is what will help us to make the final configuration in our web design.

There are multiple types of themes that can help such as to build business websites, video blogger websites, blogging platforms, e-commerce stores. 

And the advantage of some is that you can find free themes that all set up for search engine optimization with their website performance code structure.

There are several free themes focused for different purposes such as blog themes, niche themes, business themes and multipurpose themes. 

Find out what are the best free WordPress themes by reading us to the end.

Why use free WordPress themes?

Creating a website can become a cumbersome process, even when we use premium options that promise us that the design and configuration of the same will be simple even for those who do not have the slightest knowledge of what is web design, header layouts, web development, programming, or website container of the same.

WordPress themes are always designed to facilitate a process that should have been easy before.

Many of the multipurpose WordPress themes are the ones that will give you a hit bullseye when designing your website.

And this is where we see their wonder, not only will multipurpose WordPress themes allow us to play with fonts, colors, structures, but they will contain qualities that can contribute to the website performance loading speed of our sites, the security of the same, and how attractive it can be when speaking in general terms.

Now, why use free WordPress themes?

Because they really have nothing to envy the premium options.

If you choose well you can find very good features, with constant updates, which will benefit you as much or more than theme types for which you must pay, even when you have not yet had the opportunity to get to know it.

What are the best free WordPress themes?

Hello by Elementor

Hello Theme WordPress

Hello Theme is the official theme of Elementor, which has been specially designed to be the most suitable and optimal template to work with what Elementor is, being free and incorporating just enough and necessary for it to work.

It is a free theme that does few customization settings or style practically, it can be taken as a blank canvas, which makes it a good choice to work from scratch.

It is mainly focused or created to be used with Elementor page builder, which is one of the most drag and drop plugins for WordPress that is used to create free responsive WordPress websites, or free WordPress blog without the need to spend a dime.

Hello free theme is among the best free WordPress themes because when we compare it with any other known duo you can see how this one beats them in what is the customization with Elementor, as it has been designed to be easier than the rest.

Many would believe that the fact of not adding anything more than what is just and necessary can be a limiting factor, however, it does come to be incorporated with the Theme Builder tool, which makes it possible to layout the content of the website to get the best results you can.

Since Hello was created by the support team of Elementor, then the theme options are focused on adding text elements, changing text lines, incorporate images, design change templates, add video background autoplay for better sliders after the header layouts.

What makes Hello a winning free theme is the drag-and-drop options thanks to Elementor page building technique.


Astra Theme WordPress

Astra for WordPress is a free theme that is designed to be fast, to be fully customizable and also to be beautiful. It is suitable for blogs, personal portfolios, business websites and even as an e-commerce theme for WooCommerce online stores, so it offers a great level of versatility.

Astra free WordPress theme is perfect for mobile websites, since it is fully responsive and offers adjustable theme options.

It is one of the lightest free themes (it weighs less than about 50KB on the front page), and the speed it offers is unprecedented. It has been built with SEO in mind, including integrated code for native AMP, so it boosts search engine rankings.

You don’t have to worry about your hosting services as this is one of the multipurpose themes that is fast

It is among the best free WordPress themes thanks to the fact that it offers good special features and templates, working smoothly with the layout makers like the drag and drop plugin Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, SiteOrigin, Divi, among others.

Apart from all this, Astra free WordPress theme level of adaptability is incredible, and it is updated periodically.

The paid version can be considered as one of the best landing page themes to set up sales pages with custom login forms, shopping cart pop-ups, output widgets and more theme options that can be adjustable for its included site templates to start building faster your business website.


Generatepress Theme WordPress

If there is one of the popular free WordPress themes that undoubtedly stands out is GeneratePress, since it was published it has accumulated more than 100K active installations where the entire community has contributed for it to reach the 5 stars of weighting on the platform.

Although, to be frank, it can be considered as a freemium theme since it also has a paid version where a couple more options are added.

Although the free version really has nothing to envy to those who take the premium. 

Generatepress is one of the popular free WordPress themes because it can have a business website use, 

What today is one of the best free WordPress themes would be seeing the light for the first time in 2014, when it was launched by Canadian Tom Usborne (its developer).  The theme developers aimed to create a fast, simple to use and versatile free theme.

It can be characterized as a light and one of the fast free WordPress blog themes, with a modular design.

In its free theme version it offers many settings, such as different header styles, footers, fonts, colors, web container structures, navigation menu settings, among many other things.


OceanWP Theme WordPress

It is correct to define OceanWP as a multipurpose WordPress theme, which gives great control to users when customizing website designs using the WordPress customizer in real time, apart from also being known for the great speed that characterizes it.

Basically, its main attraction has to do with the power it provides to customize the free theme in an intuitive and simple way, where it includes great support for WooCommerce as e-commerce theme, making possible sites of all kinds of shapes and sizes, where none need to be similar to another.

Besides, it also includes a wide variety of demo and premium sites, which makes it possible to import a design quickly as it will be prefabricated to build up with its magazine and blog templates.

When you see a catalog of sites created you realize that it is one of the best free WordPress themes available today. 


Neve Theme WordPress

Neve is known as a multipurpose theme that brings great speed, and can be easily customized. It is recommended for blogs, startups, small businesses, go-outs topics, e-commerce stores, agencies, enterprises, as well as personal portfolio sites and the vast majority of today’s project types.

It has the advantage that it has a fully responsive WordPress theme, AMP optimized, and has the ability to load in just a few seconds, and can adapt beautifully to any display device.

When you try it you will notice that it is lightweight, with minimalist design, highly extensible and SEO optimized code which will boost search engine rankings.

It is among the best free WordPress themes because it guarantees a good position in Google results, working perfectly with Gutenberg and the most popular page builders such as Divi, SiteOrigin, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Brizy and, of course, with the drag and drop of Elementor.

Among its other features, and reasons why users tend to choose it, is because it is WooCommerce ready, responsive, RTL and translation ready.

The vast majority of people who have installed it have given it a 5-star rating on the platform.


Blocksy Theme WordPress

Blocksy is defined as an amazing fully responsive WordPress theme because of how fast and lightweight it is.

It was created using the latest web technologies, with the Gutenberg editor in mind.

It has a lot of options that make it expandable and, in many ways, customizable.

With its help you can easily create any type of website, such as corporate, education, business agencies, blogs, restaurants, and more.

It will work wonderfully with the most popular layouts, such as Brizy, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, Elementor, among others.

It ranks among the best WordPress free themes for being adaptable and ready for translation. It has also been optimized for SEO and has built-in compatibility with WooCommerce, which leads to experience a much easier creation than other similar themes have the ability to offer you.


Sydney Theme WordPress

Sydney is known as one of the powerful business themes that provides a quick way for businesses, or freelancers, to create their online presence.

It is fully compatible with drag drop Elementor, and brings a lot of customization possibilities; such as access to all Google fonts, for example.

Apart from the above, its theme developers make it capable of offering full color control, layout control, full screen carousel, logo upload, fixed navigation, header image, among many other things, not to mention the fact that it stays on the cutting edge thanks to its updates.

Positioned among the best free WordPress themes as it provides all the building blocks you need when you want to create a homepage not only quickly, but also achieving an attractive result. And best of all, the work boils down to a few clicks.

Besides, with the intention of giving you an impetus to start creating this multipurpose WordPress theme provides you with a gallery of free WordPress templates that you can import with a couple of clicks, so that creativity can start from something prefabricated, but that will not limit you.

Is there a better and free WordPress theme alternative?

The best option that we recommend instead of choosing one of the free themes that are available, is to mix up one of the previously mentioned with Elementor and Envato Elements.

This is a winning combination, because you don’t have to really worry about how the free themes look, but you must focus on creating your website, and it is special for beginners in the web world.

You can use Elementor for WordPress to make the most of the WordPress platform. Elementor is a powerful, intuitive, and easy-to-use drag drop content editor that gives you full control over your site’s content.

You can create new content, edit existing content, add images, and more with just a few clicks.

The Elementor plugin for WordPress in combination with a free responsive theme provides a clean, well-organized and easy-to-use website.

It allows you to create a beautiful website with a simple drag and drop interface. You can add content to your website within minutes and it will look amazing.

Elementor is the easiest way to create beautiful, fully responsive websites for your business.

It’s super easy to use, and you can easily customize your website’s design to match your brand.

Elementor also gives you all the tools you need to build a website that works for your business: from a powerful admin dashboard to a drag-and-drop page builder, Elementor makes it easy to build a website that serves your needs.

Envato Elements is the perfect solution for those who want to create a fully responsive website that looks great on all devices, but don’t want to spend hours building it from scratch.

With Envato Elements, you can add an unlimited number of pages, images, and widgets to your website with a simple drag-and-drop interface and then publish your site in just a few clicks.

Envato Elements is a plugin that helps you add your WordPress free themes and plugins.

It comes with over 15,000 resources to help you start making your own website with its WordPress free templates or plugin right away.

Mixing these two plugins makes you feel like you are not using free WordPress blog themes, since the output is highly professional that it might look that a digital marketing agency did the work, and the reality is that any WordPress beginner can have outstanding results.

Why is it better to use a page builder for WordPress?

A page builder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build a site in a drag-and-drop editor.

This will allow you to create your site faster and easier.

There are many page builders available but we recommend Elementor.

It is one of the most popular page builder plugins for WordPress.

When you have a page builder, you can create a page that looks like a website, but it is not.

It will display on the web using HTML code and CSS formatting.

This means that your page will look exactly like the website you want it to be when it is published.

When you use WordPress page builders, you can also edit and customize the content of your page.

A page builder is a plugin that adds drag drop extra features to WordPress.

It lets you add content pages, posts, and pages without touching the core WordPress files.

This can save time and increase your productivity.

It is also easier to create pages and posts if you use a page builder, and they work in all hosting services.

Page builders give you more flexibility when building your site, which replaces the theme world, since you create the website as you want it, and not as the free responsive WordPress themes are shown.

You can easily add complex layouts and design elements to your pages and build site like video hosting sites, booking sites, travel sites and more.

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