27 Best Free Templates for WordPress in 2023

There are many free templates for WordPress can be used without that many hustle, but it is needed to install two free plugins to create a great WordPress website, and they are Elementor and Envato Elements

Elementor is known for being one of the best WordPress page builders that can be used in both options, free or paid.

Envato Elements is a digital assets platform that is really helpful for content creators and WordPress Website developers, since it includes ready and easy to use WordPress templates for Elementor.

The great part, they can be used for free. Of course, advanced features will require the paid versions.

Keep reading to find out more about the best free templates for WordPress.

Best templates for WordPress
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Most Popular WordPress Templates

Following up here we share free WordPress templates that can be used with the mix of Free Elementor and Envato Elements plugins.

Free Elementor WordPress Templates for Blog and Digital Marketing

Most of the time, you will be working with a single page design. However, sometimes, you need to work with different pages for different purposes. The front and back end of your website should have a consistent look and feel.

It is also important that the content on both sides match each other so that it doesn’t look like an advertisement.

This is where Elementor comes into play as it has various templates for every type of website. The best thing about these templates is that they are completely responsive which means they will adapt perfectly to any device whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet or even a desktop computer!

Elementor makes them compatible with all browsers including mobile ones.

1. Business Coach

Business Coach Free WordPress Template for Elementor

2. Creative Agency

Creative Agency Free WordPress Template for Elementor

3. Social Media Consultant

Social Media Consultant Free WordPress Template for Elementor

4. Web Agency

Web Agency Free WordPress Template for Elementor

5. Digital Product

Digital Product Free WordPress Template for Elementor

6. Marketing Agency

Marketing Agency Free Wordpress Template for Elementor

7. Startup Business

Startup Business Free Wordpress Template for Elementor

Free Elementor WordPress Templates for Business

With tons of ready-to-use free WordPress templates for your business website or any other type of websites like Personal Blogs, Online Magazines etc. Hello from Elementor is the best WordPress theme designed with a beautiful clean layout that comes with tons of powerful features to help you create amazing websites in minutes!

You can choose between loads of different layout options and use all the included tools to build your website as fast as possible. Elementor comes with a large set of functionality and plugins which will help you manage your site’s content better than ever before!

8. Minimalist Lifestyle Coach

Minimalist lifestyle coach Free WordPress Template for Elementor

9. Coworking Space

Coworking Space Free WordPress Template for Elementor

10. Internet Company

Internet company Free WordPress Template for Elementor

11. Law Firm

Law Firm Free Wordpress Template for Elementor

12. Mobile App

Mobile App Free WordPress Template for Elementor

13. Tech General Business

Tech General Business Free WordPress Template for Elementor

14. House Cleaning Company

House Cleaning Company Free WordPress Template for Elementor

15. Organic Food Store

Organic Food Store Free WordPress Template for Elementor

Free Elementor WordPress Templates for Health Industry

The Healthcare Industry is one of the most important industries in any country. Health industry is also a big market for web design and development companies. A fully responsive WordPress website can help you attract more customers, increase sales and tools to promote your business and enhance customer service. A healthcare company must have an elegant website.

A website and application are vital to generate leads. If you want to improve your service, then you need to build a new WordPress website using stylish templates provided by Envato Elements and Elementor WordPress themes for the healthcare industry.

With these amazing templates, it will be easy for you to develop powerful websites with unique designs suitable for healthcare businesses or hospitals.

You can easily customize all elements from these professional healthcare wordpress themes such as header image, footer image, color scheme and font size according to your requirements so that they perfectly fit into the overall look of your site without any problems at all while offering maximum user experience on every page that visitors view on your website.

16. Modern Clinic

Modern Clinic Free Wordpress Template for Elementor

17. Therapist

Therapist Free WordPress Template for Elementor

18. Nutritionist


19. Medical Practice

Medical Practice coach Free WordPress Template for Elementor

Free Elementor WordPress Templates for Portfolio

Why have a website to showcase my portfolio? Easy, you need to show your work.

If you want to be a web designer, graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, musician, developer, you want others to see what you can do and potentially get hired.

Your WordPress portfolio website is your opportunity to show off how much you know about you and the work that goes into it.

It’s also your chance to showcase the types of projects that are most appealing to prospective clients, so they can see why they should hire you over someone else.

20. Illustrator

Medical Practice coach Free WordPress Template for Elementor

21. Photography

Photography Studio Free WordPress Template for Elementor

22. Artist

Artist Free WordPress Template for Elementor

23. Videographer

Videographer Free WordPress Template for Elementor

Free Elementor WordPress Templates for Real Estate and Travel

There are many reasons to use websites for the real estate and travel industry, but the most important one is that you can make your property or service more attractive.

You have an opportunity to create a website with different options and features which will increase the number of interested visitors.

24. Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agent Free WordPress Template for Elementor

25. Travel Agency

Travel Agency Free WordPress Template for Elementor

26. Holiday Rental

Holiday Rental Free WordPress Template for Elementor

27. Hotel and Accommodation

Hotel and Accomodation Free WordPress Template for Elementor

Best free Theme for WordPress for Elementor

WordPress can be mixed up with several plugins to bring out the best besite that is needed.

As there are page builders such as Elementor or Divi, this type of plugins are meant to help beginners and WordPress developers to build a better WordPress website in less time.

Of course, using this page builder will add some code to the WordPress website, and it will be required to do optimizations to improve the WordPress website loading speed.

Elementor is one of the most popular pagebuilder, there are plenty of free themes that can be used with this plugin.

Hello Theme is a WordPress theme that can be used for free. It is only needed to go to the WordPress Themes section, search for it, download and activate it.

The best part of Elementor, is that it can be used for free and still create a great website with free WordPress themes.

It is important to clarify that there is a difference between WordPress Templates and WordPress Themes.

The WordPress Themes are part of the website structure, where the WordPress Templates are mainly the set of design patterns that create the look and feel of the front-end.

Since Hello Theme is one of the WordPress themes designed by the same developers of Elementor, it is meant to be fully compatible with it.

Some other recommended free WordPress Themes are Astra, OceanWP, and GeneratePress. As well they are free WordPress themes that also are premium WordPress themes, which the paid version include additional features. These are considered to be lightweight WordPress themes that won’t affect the website speed.

Do you have to pay? No. Only if you want to add extra features.

The advantage of using Elementor as the WordPress block editor is that it has the essential widgets to start building up a fully responsive website. Elementor Pro is the paid version and it includes more custom widgets.

Does WordPress have free templates for Elementor?

Yes, there are free WordPress  templates for Elementor that can be mixed up with some free themes.

WordPress is not only a blog engine but also an open source content management system that lets you build any type of website, such as a personal or business website, forum or CMS (Content Management System).

Depending on what kind of site you want to create, there are different WordPress themes available for free download here at WordPress Theme Shop and other sources online.

As we have mentioned, there are already free WordPress templates thanks to Envato Elements.

The use of free WordPress templates and free WordPress themes doesn’t have to mean that the website has a low quality design. On the other hand, WordPress beginners can build up really good looking fully responsive websites with the use of free themes.

WordPress Templates Price

The best part of what we have talked about in this post is that you can start wordpress free of extra costs besides the host and the domain name.

This can be a recommended step for all those WordPress beginners who are looking out for elegant free wordpress themes that can help them to build up an incredible website in less time and at no cost.

Usually, in the past to buy a wordpress theme had a cost of nearly 50 USD for each one in Themeforest, but as Elementor has improved and as Envato Elements has grown, the combination of this two amazing WordPress plugin can easily reduce the amount of money spent on WordPress themes.

Of course, one can use the paid version of both platforms.

Elementor pro starts with a price of $49 per year for one website, and Envato Elements has a price of around $198 per year.

Going the extra mile with the additional custom widgets of Elementor Pro will improve the web design.

Also, Elementor is announcing Elementor Cloud Website which offers the combination of Elementor, WordPress and Google Cloud Platform Hosting for $99 USD per year.

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