7 Best CRM with Email Marketing Tools in 2024

Email marketing software has become an essential aspect of modern business operations. It involves sending commercial messages to a group of people using email. It is a powerful tool for connecting with customers and boosting sales.

When integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) software, email marketing becomes even more effective, offering a wide range of benefits for businesses.

In this article, we will delve into the significance of integrating email marketing with CRM tools like Hubspot and Sendpulse, the benefits of using CRM for email marketing, and the features to look for in customer relationship management with marketing automation tool for email marketing.

Best CRM with Email Marketing Tools
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What is Email Marketing and CRM Integration?

Understanding the Significance of Integrating Email Marketing with CRM

CRM integration with email marketing is the process of connecting the two systems to enhance customer communication, automate marketing processes, and improve overall efficiency. By integrating all-in-one CRM platforms with email marketing, businesses can gain a deeper understanding of customer behavior and preferences, leading to more personalized and targeted automated email campaigns.

Benefits of Using CRM for Email Marketing

There are several benefits to utilizing CRM for email marketing, including improved customer engagement, streamlined sales and social media marketing processes, and enhanced ability to track and analyze campaign performance. CRM can also provide valuable insights into customer interactions, helping businesses tailor their marketing efforts for better results.

Features to Look for in CRM Software for Email Marketing

When choosing CRM software for email marketing, it’s important to look for features such as seamless email campaign integration, marketing automation capabilities, and the ability to create and manage email templates. These features play a crucial role in running successful email marketing campaigns and achieving marketing goals.

Best CRM for Email Marketing

Platform famous for its automation tools in digital marketing, tops the list of the best email marketing sales CRM, Hubspot, allows you to perform a correct management of sales activities. Among Hubspot’s features, the CRM is one of the most sought-after tools.

With Hubspot CRM you get to manage all your bulk email marketing contacts, as well as track user responses, send personalized emails, provide subscription forms and much more. 

Hubspot has a free plan that you can access by creating your account and enjoy some tools such as user relationship management through email marketing automation.

Maintain constant interaction with your contacts, while getting a return on investment with ROI analysis and analysis of email marketing metrics.

Log in to Hubspot’s official website, where you can create your user, log in and learn more about their resources. 

If you want excellent user management in your email marketing campaigns, Sendpulse is ideal for you, as it is a platform fully dedicated to email marketing, which allows you to adapt and guide all its tools to the functions of email marketing.

CRM with Sendpulse makes contact organization, communication and feedback via email easier and faster. With Sendpulse’s free CRM option you can access a number of features for your email marketing.

Keep track of your sales process, while automatically creating a list of customers, all this information can be stored in the CRM database to reach more customers.

Keep track of your campaign, your team and your customers at the same time, synchronizing the information in a single platform to get the data to everyone in one click.

With Sendpulse, CRM for email marketing is done in minutes.

Log in to Sendpulse’s official website to learn more about their products and services, create a user for free and explore the CRM options in Sendpulse.

If you want to get everything in one space, ActiveCampaign, provides a number of tools that you can synchronize and make your email marketing a breeze. Within the features of this platform, you can get a CRM integrated with sales automation.

This feature allows you to manage the relationship with customers, using tracking and interaction through the sales process. It is one of the email marketing tools that presents a great variety of options to make a perfect CRM.

Through ActiveCampaign, you can monitor different points, which allow tracking through the marketing channels. Despite having more than 800 applications, the platform demonstrates ease of use in terms of customer management.

You can try ActiveCampaign CRM products for email marketing in the 14 day trial and find plans from $9 per month with a chance to get 500 contacts for email marketing campaigns.

Login to ActiveCampaign, open an account and start your free email marketing CRM trial, getting to know the tools and their advantages or disadvantages.

This CRM service for email marketing, presents a great fame within the different platforms. Pipedrive, shows a variety of elements for tracking communication with users and automating activities with artificial intelligence. 

Lead management and the creation of personalized forms, allows the increase of sales and closing to be maintained at a high percentage. It exhibits a constant workflow, thanks to the automation of most of its activities. 

With the CRM tool in Pipedrive, you can get a more direct interaction progress with users, avoiding manual activities and bringing data storage for new and constant customers.

Through the free trial, you can get to know the CRM tools in Pipedrive and if you require deeper functions, you have the basic and advanced plans where you will have more resources in which you can perform customer relationship management quickly and easily.

Create your Pipedrive account and explore the different CRM features to be able to manage your leads quickly and easily.

Among the best CRM for email marketing, Salesforce, stands out for the platform’s ability to adapt to the needs of businesses. Salesforce presents different applications and programs that allow customer relationship management at different levels.

With the SalesCloud application, you get a more organized and unified view and tracking of customers in order to obtain greater advantages with CRM email marketing. Introducing different tools that will allow you to perform these activities.

Within SalesCloud, you can find Service Cloud, which is responsible for process automation and customer service quickly and accurately. Marketing Cloud, which is in charge of creating the best experiences for users, personalizing campaigns.

Finally, there is the Salesforce platform, which is used for the development and design of applications adapted to the management and organization of customers.

Create your account for free on the official Salesforce portal and start testing CRM for email marketing.

If you want a CRM automation expert for email marketing, Zoho CRM, features a wide variety of automation tools, tailored for small and medium-sized businesses and freelancers. This makes it an easy tool to use and implement.

Zoho CRM tools are typically used to manage the inbound or outbound leads, as well as the interaction of those users with the site and the product or service for sale.

The aim is to automate the workflow, increasing in an evident way the probability of fulfilling the objectives proposed in the marketing campaign. Zoho CRM is among the most used marketing platforms for user relationship management.

Thanks to its tool to boost sales, Zoho CRM allows you to score potential customers, analyze their behavior, obtain results and, based on them, modify the different campaigns that can be carried out.

Log in to Zoho CRM to learn more about its customer relationship management tools and with the creation of your account, you will be able to access the free trial.

Need to get the best leads? Vtiger CRM tools, helps directly, in the analysis, search and capture of potential customers for your company. It allows you to automate activities such as email marketing and SMS campaigns.

Daily work can be made much easier by Vtiger’s automated applications, allowing the storage of customer information, quotes and invoices, used for planning reports on customer interaction.

It is a very easy to use tool and as a CRM it presents a wide variety of functions to create better communication and relationship with customers. Customer relationship management is made very simple and fast by implementing Vtiger tools.

It is known as simplified CRM, as it allows you to align marketing, sales and support teams with unified customer data within the same platform. One of the best integrations when carrying out an email marketing campaign.

Get to know the solutions that Vtiger has for your company by logging into your official portal and creating a free account that will allow you to explore the CRM features for email marketing.

Why Should You Use CRM for Email Marketing?

How to Choose the Best CRM for Email Marketing?

Key Considerations When Selecting a CRM for Email Marketing

When selecting a CRM for email marketing, it’s crucial to consider factors such as ease of use, integration with email marketing tools, and the availability of features specifically designed for managing email marketing campaigns. A user-friendly interface and robust integration capabilities can significantly enhance the effectiveness of email marketing efforts.

Integrating Email Templates with CRM for Effective Marketing Campaigns

The ability to integrate and manage email templates within CRM software allows businesses to create consistent and visually appealing marketing materials. It streamlines the process of designing and deploying email campaigns, resulting in a more efficient and professional marketing strategy.

Achieving Marketing and Sales Goals with CRM and Email Automation

CRM with email automation features enables businesses to automate various aspects of email marketing, including sending targeted email sequences, tracking customer interactions, and analyzing campaign performance. This automation empowers businesses to achieve their marketing and sales goals effectively.

How Can CRM and Email Marketing Work Together?

Integrating CRM Software with Email Marketing Platforms

Integration of CRM software with email marketing platforms enables businesses to synchronize customer data, streamline communication, and track campaign performance from a centralized platform. This integration results in a cohesive marketing and sales approach, leading to enhanced customer engagement and conversion rates.

Leveraging Automation Features for Streamlined Marketing and Sales Processes

By leveraging automation features within CRM and email marketing, businesses can streamline their marketing and sales processes, automate repetitive tasks, and deliver personalized content to their audience. This results in improved efficiency and effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Maximizing Customer Engagement with Integrated CRM and Email Marketing

Integration of CRM and email marketing maximizes customer engagement by allowing businesses to deliver targeted and personalized content based on customer interactions and behaviors. It leads to higher customer satisfaction, increased brand loyalty, and improved campaign performance.

What are the Key Features of a CRM with Email Marketing?

Email Marketing Features to Look for in a CRM

Key email marketing features to look for in a CRM include the ability to create and manage email campaigns, segment contacts, and track engagement metrics. These features are essential for running successful email marketing initiatives and maximizing results.

Marketing Automation Capabilities within CRM Software

CRM software with marketing automation capabilities enables businesses to automate various marketing processes, such as lead nurturing, sending automated email sequences, and managing customer interactions. This automation empowers businesses to deliver timely and relevant marketing content to their audience.

Benefits of Having Seamless CRM and Email Marketing Integration

Seamless integration of CRM and email marketing offers numerous benefits, including improved customer insights, streamlined marketing processes, and the ability to deliver personalized content at scale. It ultimately leads to higher engagement, conversion rates, and overall marketing success.

Conclusion of CRM Email Marketing Tools

In conclusion, navigating the landscape of customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing solutions can be a daunting task, but finding the best fit for your business is crucial to streamline sales and marketing processes. The market offers a plethora of options, with the best CRMs seamlessly integrating with top-notch marketing hubs.

The integration of CRM with email marketing software is becoming increasingly vital for businesses aiming to automate email marketing campaigns and enhance email engagement.

A robust CRM, serving as an all-in-one platform, not only tracks email open rates but also facilitates drag-and-drop email marketing functionality, customizable templates, and advanced features for personalized automated campaigns. Hubspot, for instance, stands out by offering a powerful email marketing and marketing automation platform, showcasing an effective approach to managing customer data and driving marketing services.

To find the best CRM with email marketing tools, it is essential to consider a solution that aligns with your specific needs, including the seamless integration of data from your CRM to create effective email marketing campaigns.

As businesses continue to seek a comprehensive solution that combines the strengths of CRM and marketing automation, the emphasis on an all-encompassing platform for managing sales and marketing teams is evident.

The future lies in adopting a CRM that not only helps find the best email addresses but also empowers businesses to execute powerful email marketing and automation strategies, ultimately optimizing the marketing and sales funnel for sustained success.


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