7 Best Blogging Software

If you like writing and sharing content in text, surely having a blog is the best alternative for you.

In this article you will find the 7 Best Blogging Software to create your blog in a professional way and customize all your content easily and quickly. But what is a blog? Imagine it as a personal diary but in digital and that others can read if you wish.

Nowadays having a blog as a business is very profitable, as there are hundreds of platforms and websites that help you to have your blog as well managed as possible, to increase views and succeed in your remote business venture.

Whether it is a travel blog or food blog, with this Blogging software you can create your space.

Best Blogging Software
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WordPress Alternatives to create a blog

WordPress could easily be the number one within the 7 Best Blogging Software if we were not looking for other alternatives. This blogging platform is known as one of the most complete blogging software at the moment, thanks to its large amount of templates, options, designs and elements to make your page the best and most organized.

WordPress is the most popular website builder in the world, as its home page indicates, having a percentage of 43% of websites created within its Blogging software. Starting a blog with WordPress may be the easiest way to get started in the world of Blogging, but in this section we will learn about other alternatives to create a blog.

With the following Blogging Softwares, you can create free blogs and learn how to create a free blog on google, being one of the most constant searches around this topic.

Here you can find sites like Wix blog, Jimdo blog, as well as other sites to create a blog. If you can’t use WordPress to create your blog, use the following Blogging Software.


If you already have a blog and want a platform to manage it in a professional and entrepreneurial way, the Typo3 Blogging software, presents different advantages and tools to make its use easier and friendlier. Some of those benefits are the following:

  • Free and open source software.
  • Web sites, intranets, and online applications.
  • Hosts websites, from the smallest to multinationals.
  • Enables real growth and development, totally reliable and fully featured.

With Typo3 you can get different extensions depending on the need you have. This Blogging Software, allows you to download its free version “Typo3 CMS” which is maintained thanks to the donations of the thousands of users of the paid platform. Do not hesitate to contact the support service to clarify any doubts.


The easiest, most dynamic and interactive page to create your own blog.

Tumblr is known as a blog made of blogs, that is to say, when you create an account on Tumblr you are already creating a blog, so its use can be quite simple and without many complications. The Blogging Software, Tumblr, allows its users to upload all kinds of content, having clearly, some age restrictions and unsuitable content.

Tumblr is known for the simple way to interact, create content and meet new people with the same taste as you. It’s just a matter of indicating the content you are interested in, following blogs with that type of content and using the tools that the blogging site gives you.

You have the opportunity to upload text, photos, quotes, links, audios and videos, to give life to your personal space and get more views from the Tumblr community.


If you want a place to use as a personal diary or just upload stories or writings, the Blogging Software, Medium, is the ideal place. A space to read, write and connect with people with similar tastes to yours and who can be your audience to admire your writings. Creating a blog with Medium is as easy as creating an account and start posting your content.

Medium allows people who want to enter the world of writing, practice and put your imagination to fly, with different sources of inspiration among the millions of members who create content on a daily basis on the platform. You can create your blog for free and it is not necessary to give a lot of information about yourself.

This Blogging Software provides privacy and easy to use tools to create your content and post it quickly.


Create a free, easy and professional blog, have never been as simple as with Blogger, this page to create a blog, presents all the necessary tools to get a good blog with which you can earn money, for free and with only simple steps for creation. With Blogger you can design your blog, using the different templates and presentations that the site offers.

You can get a domain name for free, which you can market if you are looking to create a business blog. Blogger also gives you the opportunity to buy a domain name, showing you the steps to follow if you don’t want the “”.

You can also set up your account to be able to get google advertising so they can visit your site.

Blogger, provides everything you need to create a blog for professional use, in quick and simple steps, plus free if you wish.


If you want to create your website or online store to promote your services, product or content, Squarespace Blogging Software provides you with everything you need to become the best online marketer with professionalism, originality, style and creativity.

Squarespace features a wide variety of templates, which you can modify based on what you need. In addition, you can find a large portfolio of websites to inspire you and make a beautiful creation. Through this site to create blogs or web pages, you can sell everything you want, due to the different tools to manage your online store correctly.

Create extensions and synchronize easily with your website, this will allow you to expand your online store when necessary.

Use all the digital marketing resources and grow your online business from your website with Squarespace.


If you are looking for ease of blogging, Webflow Blogging Software allows you to see the creation and design of your website as something fun, easy and creative. Get a website in minutes without the need to use programming or be a systems engineering expert, allowing content creators to concentrate on just that, creating and marketing their content.

Webflow has been used for years by designers, programmers and marketers because of its ease of access, use and design. The Blogging Software is optimized for Marketing and with all the necessary resources to make your website an online store with simple steps.

The platform has an excellent speed of navigation and response, allowing the creation of different marketing campaigns, pages, blogs and content, which you can then market easily and without having to take hundreds of courses to learn how to use the site.



Freedom, creativity and style is what Wix Blogging software offers, where you can create from scratch the website you want and manage it easily, using the tools and resources that the blogging site provides. With Wix you can customize your site, add advanced features, edit the mobile view and optimize your site to be found in search engines.

The templates that you get in Wix to create your blog, have been designed by professionals, so you have the guarantee that its use will be adequate to meet the need you have. You have different categories to choose from to create exactly what you need for your page. From creating a blog to a landing page to present your company.

With Wix you can get a domain, the resources to create logos and all the SEO tools needed to position your website in the first searches in search engines. Start for free and invest only in the improvements you want.

Using any of the 7 best Blogging Software you will be able to create your personal or business blog in the easiest and fastest way, but with all the professional tools you need to succeed in positioning your company and marketing your products. With a website created in just minutes, you can invest the rest of the time in creating professional content to feed your blog and make yourself known.

Investing in the creation of your blog through WordPress can be a good option, but do not hesitate to see the alternatives for the creation of your blog and let your creativity fly.

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