Astra, one of the most popular WordPress themes

Maybe you’ve heard of this WordPress theme and are now wondering what Astra is, and why it’s so popular. If so, you’ve come to the right article without much effort.

We assure you that we have a couple of good reasons for you to make Astra the foundation of your website.

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Why does WordPress need themes?

In case you do not know, a WordPress theme is just a small directory that we must put in the wp-content/themes folder in the installation, where you can find various files that serve to indicate how the content should be displayed to visitors.

Among the most common options you have when looking for WordPress themes is the theme directory itself, all you will find there will be free and licensed under GPL.

And one recommendation that is always made to all those who intend to apply themes to their website is to be able to thoroughly research if the same will not bring complications in the future for what they want to make of their website.

Now, why WordPress needs themes, the answer to this already looks very simple. And it is that they are based on the need, redundancy, that we have as users to customize as much as possible our website, so that, although it has been created with the same wizard, it does not look like any other.

As long as you have a professional designer, or you dedicate yourself to know the implications of using one theme or another, you can get a finish as good as you had been imagining in your head, and for that there is no price that is worth.

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What is Astra?

The presentation of Astra is not very complex, since it comes to us as another of the free WordPress themes that are available to its users.

That is, you can get it from the WordPress repository, and it is expected to help you create a powerful website.

Among some of the strengths of Astra, which help define it, are the following:

All these points have helped it to reach a surprising number of more than 1,000,000 installations, and the rating that users have given it is 5 stars.

This is a theme that will allow you to create both static pages, as a blog, stores, niche pages, online academies, and any other project that comes to mind. Honestly, with this theme design is no longer a problem.

And, now that you know what Astra is, the next question you should ask yourself is why to choose Astra, although it should be a little clear by now. Since, without a doubt, it is one of the best of all time, especially if you don’t have much knowledge in the design area.

Why is Astra popular?

To help you understand a little about why Astra is popular, we will break down a series of points that have helped it to position itself among different users.

It is a freemium.

This means that you can find it at no cost on However, if you feel you need a bit more features, you have the option to purchase Astra Pro to get new tools, among others.

Great performance.

The theme plays an important role in the speed, or slowness, as it is the basis of any site. In this case Astra is one of the fastest you can find. It weighs less than 50 KB, so you can get an idea.

Its demo sites.

If you feel you don't have the time to start your project from scratch, you should know that with this theme you will have hundreds of pre-designed demo sites, with the ability to incorporate them with just a couple of clicks.

Great customization options.

This is one of the multipurpose WordPress themes, which means you can use it for everything. You can make from a blog to a store with it without any problems. Apart from that, its adaptability to different niches is exquisite.

Page Builder level of integration.

Astra is designed to combine seamlessly with WordPress authoring plugins, thus making it possible to create content with drag-and-drop. This theme always provides detailed options to control the canvas, among other interesting features.

Advantages of Astra


So far we seem to have already given you a number of good reasons why to install this theme, but let’s take a look at the advantages of Astra that you should put on the scale if you feel the need to compare it with any other option you have in mind:

Now that you know why Astra is popular, we invite you to really consider this topic, and make the most of it so that your project is not so complex to realize, but has a great finish.

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