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Do you want to conduct an interview and don’t want to transcribe everything?

You need to know the automatic transcription software for interviews Amberscript, which presents the necessary tools and functions to change an audio or video of a specific time, to text, which you can edit and manage depending on your needs.

Amberscript can be obtained through its official website, where you can try the different free versions and get to know everything it has to offer in different professional areas.

Learn all about Amberscript and what you can get with this automatic transcription software.

What is Amberscript?

Amberscript, the automatic transcription software for interview, with a simple to use and easy to understand and customize platform.

Amberscript is building SAAS solutions as a transcription software that makes it easy to convert audio from any multimedia file such as videos, voice memos, clips, to text quickly and easily, without the need to perform hundreds of steps to achieve a correct transcription.

Since its basic function is entirely based on changing audio to text, the main advantage of Amberscript is its speech analysis and text generation, which allows you to perform the task professionally, with speed and without errors.

As an automatic speech-to-text transcription software, Amberscript has expert linguistic transcribers and subtitlers working alongside artificial intelligence to provide users with a correct, accurate and fully context- and language-adapted transcription.

The fast and agile file uploading and audio processing makes Amberscript one of the most sought-after automatic transcription software by professionals from different areas without any question.

If you want to be part of the Amberscript team and make use of its functions and tools, you should know how much Amberscript costs and how Amberscript works.

Amberscript Pricing

Amberscript, presents services for audio to text transcription, where the type of transcription can be chosen between manual or automatic, in addition to offering the service of subtitles, where you can also choose whether you want manual or automatic.

The main difference between manual and automatic services is that the manual service is performed by experts and specialized people, while the automatic service is performed by previously trained artificial intelligence.

It is important to have this information in mind before we start talking about Amberscript pricing information.


Transcription Service

Within the transcription service we can find two payment plans for automatic transcription and one payment plan for manual transcription, which offer the following prices and functions.

Automatic (Pre-paid)

These transcripts are usually perfect for projects and interviews, due to the fact that they are editable and customizable. It costs $8 per hour and offers the following features:

  • Free trial.
  • Get drafts of texts in seconds.
  • You will be able to edit texts online.
  • Try out all the advanced control tools
  • Transcribe texts into more than 39 languages
  • You can differentiate between speakers
  • You can have it on your computer and on the Amberscript APK for cell phones


Automatic (Subscription)

With this plan you have the opportunity to have 5 hours of transcription per month for a cost of $25 per month, in addition to everything offered in the prepaid plan.

  • Access a text draft immediately.
  • Edit the obtained text online
  • More control tools
  • Transcribe in 39 languages
  • Ideal for meetings thanks to its interlocutor distinguishing feature


Manual Transcription

These transcriptions, obtained by Amberscript’s team of transcriptionists, are of high quality and done in record time, with excellent presentation, wording and faithful to the context. Pricing starts at $1 per minute of transcription.

  • You will have access to an advanced control panel.
  • Transcription in 11 different languages
  • High accuracy (99%)
  • Achieve to distinguish between different speakers.


Subtitle Service

In order to get subtitles from your automatic or manual transcription, the automatic transcription software, Amberscript, presents the option to get subtitles automatically or manually, offering two access plans for each.

Automatic (Prepaid)

To get automatic subtitles with Amberscript you can start with the $8 per hour plan, where you can upload a video or audio of that time and get the subtitles in the desired language.

Automatic (Subscription)

With the monthly plan, you can access 5 hours of subtitles for $25 per month, where you can access over 39 languages and all the online text editing tools to customize your drafts.


With Amberscript software you can get expertly crafted subtitles, being high quality content with the best consistency and accuracy in words. You can access 11 languages and edit the text obtained. The cost of this plan starts at $1 per minute of subtitling.


Get your desired text translated quickly and accurately by Amberscript’s trained translators and have access to 11 languages into which you can translate your text, for a cost of $6 per minute of video or audio you wish to translate.

Amberscript automatically transform audio and video files, it offers much more than just transcriptions and subtitling services, so you need to understand how it works and how to get it.

Amberscript Audio and Video Transcription Useful Features

Amberscript’s function is really easy and simple to understand through the steps of the platform. To get started with Amberscript you need to choose a transcription plan, but you can also take the free trial if you are not a company.

Through the free trial you can get to know the available features of the automatic transcription software and understand how to work within the platform.

Amberscript is operated in three simple steps:

Upload your file

To get started in Amberscript you need to upload an audio or video media file, from which the transcription will be performed, either automatically or manually. You will be able to save time with the speech recognition feature and thus convert your audio to text quickly and accurately.


With Amberscript’s tools, you can perform different actions after you have your text. You can edit inline, highlight, review or quickly search for the text you want.


Once you have your text file properly transcribed and edited, you will be able to export it in different formats, according to your needs. You can choose whether you want to have a time stamp and distinction between the speakers visible in the text file.

Besides that, Amberscript presents three basic functionalities to perform within your file:

  • Speech recognition analysis, identifying the speaker.
  • Audio capture, with the purpose of recording while transcription is being performed.
  • Automatic transcription based on video or audio entered into the platform.

This is how Amberscript automatic audio and video into text and subtitles using speech recognition software works, where you will find different documents, notes and technical functions to adapt to educational, personal or business needs.

What differentiates Amberscript from other products?

Despite being known as an automatic transcription software, Amberscript, presents many more functions that give its customers everything they need to get a quality text in one place, such as automatic or manual subtitling actions and translations performed by artificial intelligence or trained translators.

It also offers functions for all areas of work, but is mostly used as automatic transcription software for interviews in areas such as health, psychology, journalism and law.

Connect with Amberscript the flexibility and security you need in your content, as well as being fast, secure and accurate, allowing audio and video streaming to fast conversions into data and text.

And last but not least, what differentiates the software from others is that Amberscript’s platform is in English and has speech recognition engines in European languages, including German, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch, French and Italian.

Who can take advantage of Amberscript?

As mentioned above, this alternative for interviews, Amberscript, is typically used and recommended for profiles like education professionals, college and university students and professionals in the fields of health, psychology, law, journalism and audiovisuals.

However, Amberscript software for automatic transcription can be used by anyone who needs to convert audio or video to text quality and accuracy.

This is possible due to an easy to use platform and three simple steps to get the text in just minutes.

Normally you can perform a limited lists of transcriptions per time, but with enterprise plans, you have access to more tools, features and more transcription or captioning time. So if your company needs transcription services, Amberscript has different offerings to meet your requirements.

If you want to try Amberscript’s free trials and learn about the available features, you should go to Amberscript’s official website to create an account to get access and choose the trial that best suits your needs.

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