6 Advantages and Disadvantages of the COVID-19 Vaccine

* This is just my opinion and my story regarding Covid-19 Vaccination. Any medical decision taken by you is your responsibility and must be consulted with your doctor. *

In this article, I will share what the advantages and disadvantages of the covid-19 vaccine are, based just on an opinion, experiences, and not in statistics, research or what the media states.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the COVID-19 Vaccine
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Who says the truth regarding Covid-19 Vaccination? 

Certainly the years of 2020, 2021 and 2022 were caotic in terms of information and disinformation.

After my spiritual awakening in 2020, I have dedicated less and less time to read the news.

What all mass media certainly generated was an extreme level of phobias and fears, which for sure, there were people who got affected by a virus, but until what level can we say that it was truly neccessary to generate a mental affection to the whole world?

And I say neccessary, because I didn’t took the Covid-19 Vaccine, and up till now, I have not got the virus, and surely not died of and with Covid-19.

But still 2020 was a decisive year for me and my healing journey, where I also started my healing plan with a functional medicine doctor for an autoimmune disorder, and that certainly, I did not have in mind taking the vaccine in 2021, when most of the people where under pressure of taking it.

A new polarity came into discussion, and a new division was rising, the vaxxed vs the unvaxxed.

Who is saying the truth? Who we should follow? Are there consiprancy theory behind this? Is the covid vaccine safe? Which brand is best for Coronavirus? Does getting the covid-19 vaccine will really reduce the spread of the virus? Does the vaccine will have moderate and manageable common side effects, or does it have a risk of severe side effects? 

Questions and more questions, that probably only a few critical and analitical minds would have thought, because there, for sure, are people to be sheep, rather than wolves, who accept anything without even questioning. And if there is a question, then you might have been labeled as a conspiracy theorist.

No wonder, why I have considered sometimes myself a loner wolf, who prefer to make my own self judgement, based on my own analysis, rather than what an external world says.

Could I be wrong? Sure, once in a while I might have a wrong judgement, but this time, I had a feeling that a vaccine might not be an entire solution to a pandemic, as in for my experience with Hashimoto, medicaments and drugs are not a solution to an autoimmune disorder, neither a vaccine would be a permanent and full solution to a virus.

Why did not the masses started to ask: Are we having optimal levels of vitamin D or vitamin B? What other vitamins and mineral defficiencies we might have? Are we sleeping our 7-8 hours? How are our daily stress levels? Are we excercising properly? Are we eating too much processed foods? Do we have root causes that are generating an unhealthy status? Do we have inflammatory foods in our diet? How much alcohol are we drinking? Are we taking time for meditation? Are we taking time for stress relief activities? Are we grounding? Are we doing any spiritual work? 

The health care system must be reordered so that the population of the world in scale, really becomes a healthier version of itself.

Current conventional medicine, aims to give first the drug, and afterwards find out why it did not worked, so patients end up in the “doctor’s dance”, visitng one and another and another, until the person gets closer to finding the root causes of his illness or symptoms.

In my opinion, same case would have decreased the number of affected, if people would have had a stronger immune system that was already ready to either not get inffected, or reduce the impact of the Covid-19.

As in for my experience, and what my father said to me, probably you already got it and you even not noticed it. Well, if that was true, even by not being vaccinated, I did not got any strong and hard symptoms of the Coronavirus.

So which side had the truth? When taking decisions, only the Time shows the consequences, then after it could be considered as a right or wrong decision.

As time passes, and I saw, heard and knew.

That my sister who was pregnant in 2021 and was ok, but the doctor asked to be vaccinated in order to be accepted in the hospital. She had 1 Pfizer vaccine, and eventually she had more gastritis and had issues while eating, which was totally directed as a pregnancy symptom, and the baby was born in 8 months, and was a complicated birth. Today, baby is healthy.

I told my mother not to be vaccinated in 2021, but she was afraid that the authorities will do something against her business if she was not vaccinated, and customers and friends of her were motivating her to be vaccinated. She got 2 Pfizer vaccines. In 2022, she had herpes zoster, which it is difficult to say that it was a direct correlation of the Covid side effect, and also my mother has high stress, but still makes it a possibility. In 2023, doctors detected a double cancer tumor in the womb. As well, it would be a mistake to just say that it was an effect of the Coronavirus Vaccine, but certainly it can be among the possibilities that it grew as well as a consequence of it. Everything is connected, and what enters to the body, the mind and the spirit, will have a positive or negative impact on the individual.

My father, who has been more sided to conventional medicine, took 2 Pizer shots. In 2022, he had some issues with blood pressure, but it can also be related to the not so healthy eating lifestyle he has with his wife.

My brother as a professor of a university, he took another brand of vaccine. It is important to note that he got infected with the virus before, and he did well during his illness, and he recovered well before the vaccines were being spread out. But time after universities were asking their workers to get vaccinated, my brother took it, and eventually he started to have some heart issues and chest pain. My brother told as if those were strokes.

Again, those cases might be a possible cause of what happened due to the vaccine. But it is hard to say 100%, since in health there are many variable, and there is no only one thing that could explain it fully.

One cousin had a blood clot that went to the brain, time after she got the single shot brand.

A friend’s cousin around 30 yeras old, developed lung cancer and died. She got around 5 times vaccinated. She did not smoked and was overall ok healthy habits. Was it the vaccine? Again, hard to say 100% to be the reason.

And for sure there are more stories worldwide, where we can be observing more “weird illnesses” and “unknown sudden deaths”.

And what about me? Well, I am feeling healthier every day, and setting back in order the autoimmune disorder, without having a vaccine. 

Probably, my natural immunity and immune response is stronger that it did not allowed any virus to come in.

Advantages of Covid-19 Vaccine

Disadvantages of Covid-19 Vaccination

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To get vaccinated or not after 2023?

If the World Health Organization had in its real plans to take care of the world’s population health, thant it must seek to answer how to support the population to have their Vitamin D and VItamin B levels in optimal condition, push the food industry to a less proccessed foods with additives, would seek for solutions for stress reduction and more.

But it has been the other way around.

What pill or vaccine can we give to the population, at least what I think how the healthcare systems of the world reacted.

There are still people using face maks on public, and honestly, for towns like mine where there are plenty of dust flying around, it certainly helps.

Some people say that the virus is still going on, and it probably will, and probably a new virus will come. We don’t know the future. As Eckhart Tolle states in his book “A new earth: awakening to your life purpose” something similar that new viruses come once in a while.

There is no full external solution, and there is still a gap that we must reduce about the human body, health, healing, spirituality and a grow in consciousness.

So for me, it is already a part of my story how when I finally fell to the pressure of my family to take the vaccine, how God through the collective unconcsious protected me. In the round of the late vaccinated, I went, but the organization people told me to leave my phone since they have yet started until another day. Days after, I  did not received the call. I went to the place to see if they were vaccinating the late vaccinated. When I was on the queue to pass to the vaccination area, and I was on the next group at the door to pass, the officials shouted that there were no more vaccines left.

Of course, there were nervousness in me, but once I heard that, I took it as divine sign and protection, for an action I did not wanted to do.

2 Years after 2021, I can say it was the right decision for me.

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