A recruitment process in a small business

There is a difference between the recruitment processes of a big corporation and small businesses, and certainly the last ones have more challenges to overcome if they want to hire the best candidate for the position.

Keep reading to learn more about the challenges that small business have and how to solve them.

A recruitment process in a small business
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Why Human Resources are important?

There could be different types of small businesses around, from the solopreneurs ventures, the family businesses or the friends businesses that rely mainly and only on the founders.

As businesses start to grow and get more customers, at some point it will become unbearable for only one person to do the work, hence the importance to start looking for some support.

Small businesses when they start, they don’t have fully established the roles and activities of the different deparments. It is common that one person is the finance, marketing, sales, and management deparment.

Plenty of small business owners know that, and it is a matter of also knowing when to delegate the work to new employees.

Human resources are important because they add their knowledge, skills and capacity to the business, hence the importance of recruiting the best candidate.


You are hired!

Hiring should not be a headache

And the recruiting process could be one of the most difficult one for small businesses, because the owner or manager should also stop his daily activities to find the new team member.

Recruiting takes times from creating the job description, promoting it in the main media channels where potential candidates can be found, the candidates pre-selection, the interviews and then the decision making.

It might not be a core activity such as sales, but it is necessary to keep up the business running thanks to the help and work that the employees give to a small business.

This process should be seen as a natural part of a business, but when well done it can reduce the rotation in a business, therefore it is important to evaluate with accuracy a candidate.

Importance of evaluating candidates

One of the challenges that small business face when conducting a recruitment process is to find good questions to ask in an interview.

Probably, after doing the job position awareness, the interview is one of the crucial activities that has to be done, since it is here where the small business has to opportunity to get to know and analyse directly the candidate.

By paper, there can be thousands of resumes that can look outstanding and can make a candidate be seen as a good element, but if this is not double checked in an interview, it might be a blind decision.

Sometimes, candidate might fit for the skills but not for the organizational culture, which might be more important than just doing the job.

A wrong candidate that is selected can bring a total different working mindset, therefore he or she can not feel in a really good place or it can disrupt the team.

Small business must ask the right questions to go further on what they must know about the candidate. Is the lifestyle important for a business? Or they are looking for someone that is proactive?

There are many factors that a small business can find out during the interview, and since there might not be HR experts inside the organization, relying on third parties could be a good decision to gain support in making the best decision.

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