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Learn to use Transferwise

What is Transferwise?

Transferwise is an online money transfer platform that I use personally to do international transfers between Germany and Mexico.

It is very easy, quick and secure to send money online with Transferwise.

With Transferwise you can choose your money transfer method, if you want it fast or if you want it to take a couple days more and you save a bit of money. Also, it clearly shows you the amount of money that the recipient will actually receive. As well, one of their main statements is to be as transparent as possible in fees, they don’t like hidden fees or hidden costs, so they show you exactly what are they charging you for the service.


Transferwise Review and Online Money Transfer Services Comparison

n the comparison, I took other online money transfer services. But also, if we think about our own experiences with money transfer with banks, even if they make you sure that it is the safest way to send money overseas, it is actually one of the most expensive ways to do it. And when you actually receive the money from an international bank, you will see that even you loose with the fees, and also with the currency.

I recommend Transferwise, because is the cheapest, and reliable method to send money online. If someone has found another service, don’t hesitate to comment me so that I can check another money transfer services.

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