Storyblocks Review

Storyblocks is a subscription to access thousands of digital assets such as stock video, stock audio, stock images, and it includes an access to their recently new video editor software Maker.

The monthly price paid annually of their Unlimited Access Plan is of $30.

Keep reading this Storyblocks Review to learn more about this subscription.

Storyblocks Review
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Video Storyblocks Review

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Who can use Storyblocks?

In this Storyblocks Review, I recommend it extensively for all those graphic designers, digital marketers, and content creators who are focused on the creation of visual assets.

For those who might also need Fonts, website templates and WordPress plugins, the Envato Elements subscription might be a better option. 

Storyblocks Advantages

Content is yours to keep and use forever, 100% royalty-free.

One positive aspect of Storyblocks is that yu don't have to worry that much about the licensing part. As you subscribe and start downloading files, you will have the licnese for those assets. And Even if you cancel your subscription with Storyblocks, you will keep your file license.

Subscriptions for every budget

Storyblocks has different plans that might adjust to your needs, Storyblocks offers monthy or annual pricing plans, but of course the annual payment will show a lower price. As well, if you only choose for a certain type of file, either video or audio, then the plan will cost less, but it is highly recommended to choose the Unlimited Access Plan to have more files.

Unlimited Downloads

You can download your assets as many times as you want.

Diverse and Inclusive Content

Storyblocks is aiming to have a diverse and inclusive content, where they are uploading constantly authentic content from their creators.

Enterprise Licensing

As different from the individual plan that it only cover and can be used by one person, the Enterprise licensing is aim to teams or organizations that require a group people working on content creation.

Storyblocks Pricing

Basic Video

$ 10 Per month billed annually
  • 5 Downloads per Month of: HD Footage

Unlimited Video

$ 20 Per month billed annually
  • Unlimited Downloads of HD Footage
  • 4K Footage
  • After Effects Templates

Basic Audio

$ 10 Per month billed annually
  • 3 Downloads per Month of Music

Unlimited Audio

$ 15 Per month billed annually
  • Unlimited Downloads of Music
  • Sound Effects

Unlimited All Access

$ 30 Per month billed annually
  • Unlimited Downloads of HD Footage
  • 4K Footage
  • After Effects Templates
  • Music & Sound Effects
  • Photos, Vectors, & Illustrations

Unless you are aiming specifically to just one type of digital asset such as audio, image or stock, it doesn’t make too much sense to choose the plans that offer only one type of file.

As in this Storyblocks review, It is recommended the unlimited access plan because this way you have at your disposal all the files that Storyblocks can offer.

If you are looking for a subscription platform that offers good and high quality videos, images and audio, plus that you don’t have to worry about the licenses, then Storyblocks is a great option.

Storyblocks Sections

Storyblocks Audio

Storyblocks has thousands of audio files that you can use for different cases.

It is worth mentioning that some might bot be able to be used for monetizing your youtube video.

If you are also looking for background music for podcasts, Storyblocks is a good platform to get it from.

Storyblocks Video

In terms of video, Storyblocks has an OK selection of video stock footage.

They do have a big selection of videos, but some of them are not full professional, and some are even shaky.

But under their advantage of using their video footage is to use it with their app Maker, that is a Video Editing Software that can help you to create easily social media videos.

You can easily import the Storyblocks footage to your videos, and create your content.

Storyblocks Images


If you are looking for stock images, then Storyblocks is a good option to have access to many different types and styles of images and also vectors and illustrations.

The stock images that you can find goes from nature, family to corporate and tech.

There are plenty of images, and as Storyblocks it is aiming for diversity, there you can find for each use case scenario that you might been looking.


To keep up this Storyblocks Review, it is also worthwile to compare it with another digital asset subscription that I have also recommended, specially for website creators, Envato Elements.

Envato Elements is priced at $14.50 per month on a yearly subscription and Storyblocks for unlimited access is $30 per month.

Considering the price of both, the quality is good and worth it.

Both platforms offer unlimited files and downloads. The common categories are video, images and audio, the difference relies in WordPress Themes, Fonts, Presentations and some File Extensions. 

Envato Elements and Storyblocks offer licenses for user to use for personal and commercial purposes.  The difference relies in Storyblocks that they can use the files even if you cancel. 

In this way, you can see that both tools are considerable, and both have very good offers. It is a question of studying which one is the most convenient for you.

To learn more about, you can check out the Envato Elements Review.

Frequently Asked Questions about


The image, audio and video from Storyblocks is royalty free.

As you have your subscription, you don’t have to worry about the licensing of your assets, since Storyblocks covers it. 

As they state: Content is yours to keep and use forever, 100% royalty-free.

Also, in the rare case that you need some help, Storyblocks provides $20,000 in indemnity for individuals and up to $1,000,000 covering users in organizations.

Storyblocks is legal. It is a registered business.

Yes, Storyblocks can bu used for commercial purposes.

The content in Storyblocks is royalty free, therefore your license allows you to use it for personal and commercial purposes.

Yes, You can use Storyblocks on Youtube.

But some audio content might not be able to be monetized.