Searchmetrics Essentials Review Video

The SEO Tool of Searchmetrics, Essentials, is an online tool that can help you with different search engine activities that are necessary to rank better. 

With the SEO Tool of Searchmetrics you can develop a good SEO strategy by analysing your competitors and look what is your position in search engines. Other important aspects of the SEO Tool of Searchmetrics is the pay per click analysis or also known as SEA, search engine advertising, the backlink analysis, the social analysis You can find relevant keywords that you are already ranking as well as the long tail keywords. 

SEO Research Analysis

With this Searchmetrics Essentials review I will go over the different tabs that includes the SEO tool. The SEO Research gives you the SEO overview of the domain that you are aiming to analyse. With this tool you can see the rankings of the website’s keywords and how much traffic are they generating. As well a timeline trend of the keywords and its increase or decrease over a selected amount of time. The tab of keywords winners and losers gives you the overview of how much SEO positions are being improved or decreased. With this, you can start analysing and knowing which webpage of your site you should start focusing to improve it.

In a better package of Searchmetrics Essentials Pro, you can have a Mobile Ranking SEO analysis, for a better understanding of mobile devices.

The competitors tab of the SEO tool gives you the number of shared keywords, as well as who is having more or less traffic. This option can be useful to track what your competitors are doing, and which keywords you can try targeting to improve your search engine positions.

Other tabs like the subdomains, directories, images, videos and news, gives you an overview of which URL is ranking for those types of contents.

Pay per Click Analysis

Following with the SEO tool Searchmetrics Essentials, with this you can continue doing a general analysis for a SEO strategy that allows you to gain place in search engines. The SEA strategy or search engine advertising or even SEM, search engine marketing, with Google Ads can start with this tool when you develop a plan for looking the keywords in which some competitors are using to position themselves.

Searchmetrics allows to have the currency of the pay per click in euros, dollars or sterling pounds, so the ideal thing would be to analyze according to your region, for the ease to have an idea of the cost of the click of the keyword.

The keywords we get from Searchmetrics can give us the guidelines to start making a list of those keywords that we will use for our SEA strategy.

Backlink Analysis

The Backlinks section of Searchmetrics allows you to analyze which links are pointing to your website.

As you should know, backlinks are one of the most important elements of Off-Page SEO that allows you to improve search engine positions. With Searchmetrics you can see the backlinks of the domain you are analyzing.

This platform can give you an idea of what sites you can contact to generate relationships and then create the links that allow you to improve the strength of your site.

The greater and better volume of links that are pointing to your site, as long as they are quality links and the industry to which you belong, the authority of your site will increase over time. That is why for any SEO strategy, it is extremely important to perform the activity of creating backlinks.

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Social Media Visibility Analysis

The social media analysis tab of Searchmetrics shows the numbers that add value to the SEO strategy of a domain when it comes to the topic of social networks.

A factor now important to have a better position in search engines is also thanks to the value generated in social networks. Greater interaction in social media will mean that the site has authority, therefore Google and the search engines will take that value into account.

For this reason, Searchmetrics shows the value that is generated in some of the most important social networks.

Keyword Research Tool

Searchmetrics allows you to conduct a keyword research to find out what could be one of the words that we should have as objectives for our SEO strategy.

Seachmetrics gives us the information of the Keywords that can be related to the ones we are trying to position in search engines, as well as those keywords will help us generate ideas to create content that is focused on that content.

Performing a keyword research gives the guide to know which are those that do have relevance in terms of search volume.

Searchmetrics marks the word competition, however in the complete list it is not observed such competition for the respective related keywords.

Other free online Keyword Research tools are Google’s Keyword Planner and Ubersuggest, both allow you to perform the same keyword analysis.