My Tutorials 💯

I have learned by doing. When there is something I don't know, I Google-Youtube for it.
Therefore, to try to help you with my experiences and to give you useful information, I created this section.


My Tutorial Topics

SEO Tools

I analyze the different SEO Tools that are available online to find the best way to improve on search engines.

Transfer Money Online

I find Transferwise as one of the most useful online money transfer services available to send money online.

Multilingual WordPress

WPML and WPGlobus have been two different plugins that I have used to translate my websites to different languages.

Printing your Thesis

Guide for Hochschule Heilbronn students who wants to know how to print their thesis in a cheap way.

How to use WordPress

In different videos, I show the different set ups and plugins that could help you to run a WordPress Website.

Content Creation

I show the different processes that I do to create different peaces of digital marketing content.

I'm open for recommendations, questions and discussions. Don't hesitate to contact me.
Carlos Barraza
Digital Marketer & your Friend 😋