My Master Thesis

During my studies at the Hochschule Heilbronn, it was required to write a thesis in order to get the diploma.

The Master thesis was an easy task to achieve for me, since I knew my topic and what I was aiming. 

The title of the thesis is:

Fostering the Cultural Support of the Mexican Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Here is the abstract of the thesis.

This thesis shows the relevance of developing the cultural support of the Mexican entrepreneurship ecosystem. Throughout the present work the entrepreneurial culture is defined and the relevance of its development on the national economy and national welfare. Through the analysis of the Global Entrepreneurship Index and the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, the current situation of Mexico was established around its entrepreneurial ecosystem. In addition, variables of importance to be developed in society are established, such as the perceived business opportunities, the entrepreneur’s perceived capabilities, fear of failure, the entrepreneurial intentions, the status that entrepreneurs receive, and the option of entrepreneurship as a career option. The importance of individual and social entrepreneurial attitudes and behaviors over entrepreneurial activity and its ecosystem is defined. In the same way, it is established the current entrepreneurial context in which Mexico is located, as well as what are some areas of opportunity to improve the entrepreneurial culture.

Here I leave the link to the full PDF file of my master thesis