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Infographic – Mobile Marketing Examples

Infographic – Mobile Marketing Examples
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As is well known, the importance of mobile marketing is increasing. The use of different mobile marketing methods offered by smartphones and tablets help companies more easily to reach potential customers. The definition of user profiles are made through apps, use of search engines, social networks and this helps to create a better market segmentation to be more efficient during marketing campaigns.

Sales Force infographic illustrates three types of mobile users. Regular, those who use apps between 1 and 16 times a day, Super those who use them 16 to 60 times per day, and Addicts who use more than 60 times per day. Surely, the profiles of Super and Addicts are increasing, being supported by the increased smartphone use, as I mentioned in my previous article of Mobile Marketing.

Two examples of mobile marketing and how companies can use it is through Push Notifications and SMS Marketing.

Notifications sent by apps allow them to capture the user’s attention attention for some time. The user will be the one who decides whether to open the app when they receive the notification. For businesses to do this, it is needed to have an application and within, its configuration must be enabled to send notifications.

On the other hand, we have the SMS Marketing. A tool certainly that already existed before the first smartphones appear. Sending text messages allow the business to send information. However, from my point of view, this can be considered a type of invasive marketing if it is not done the right way. You must have user permissions before starting to send such SMS.

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Via Marketing Cloud of Sales Force

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