I’m Carlos Barraza.

Digital Marketing Specialist &
Family Business Developer.


About Me

With the flag 😋
Born and raised in northern city Agua Prieta, Mexico.
World Traveler 🌎
Have enjoyed traveling around 25 countries, and more to come.
Business Administration & Int. Marketing Honors Graduate.
Master in International Business & Intercultural Management.
ARP Europe GmbH 👨‍💻
Joined the Bechtle world in 2017 as digital marketing working student.
Bechtle AG 👨‍💻
Digital marketer at the headquarters in Neckarsulm, Germany.



Areas of Expertise

Digital Marketing

My social media and blogging hobby pushed me to learn more about Digital Marketing. Different online digital marketing courses from Google Digital GarageHubspotSemrush, & Hootsuite. As well Coursera, & SocialMe helped me to gain deep knowledge about this complex world with topics such as Social Media, SEO, SEM and Content Creation. This self preparation helped me to find a job at ARP Europe GmbH as Digital Communications & Content Specialist.


Being part of a family of entrepreneurs taught me the difficult proccess of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial life. Also, as graduate student of the business school Tec de Monterrey and with participation in INADEM mexican governmental programs for entrepreneurs, I understand the importance of this topic in terms of social and economic welfare. My challenge still remains on keep building a venture.

Family Business

35 year of my family’s work to create Muebleria Karina, a furniture business, and Liebe Café, a recent creation restaurant, both in Agua Prieta, Mexico. To be part of a family business is also synonym of growing with it. The ownership, family and business model show how complex family businesses could be, and it is. Life experience have showed that the most difficult area to manage is actually the family and not the business itself.

Professional Development

Having friends during my professional studies at Tec de Monterrey, Hochschule Pforzheim and Hochschule Heilbronn have inspired me create content that could be benefitial also for their career development.  Knowledge sharing between the network peers is essential to grow as a group.



Let's be friends...

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any information you want to know related digital marketing, blogging, family business or support I can give you. 

Email: carlos@barrazaenterprises.com