Hello! If you’re on this page it is because you probably would like to collaborate to be a super Guest Blogger with your articles and participate on my site. Of course I accept all those people that are also passionate about business and blogs, who want to write something unique and relevant.

We are bloggers and many times we find it difficult having to be publishing new posts if you do not have a team. So of course I would be honored that you want to collaborate.

1. I want to be a Guest Blogger and write an article to show on your blog, will you accept them all?

First of all you must fit the profile of the type of community in which I find myself. If your blog usually is about topics related to family business, small and medium enterprises, entrepreneurship, marketing, development of blogs, and innovation, you’re much more likely be accepted with your article. Remember that to search engines is easier to associate blogs that are related.

For instance, if your profile does not have any relationship with any of the above issues, sadly I have to reject your proposal. 🙁

2. Exactly what topic I can write?

I will list some issues that you can develop.

These are some of the topics to give you an idea, but if you would like to share an article that can be included in any, of course that I will review.

3. What should be the characteristics of the article?

The above points will give you a bonus so you can include your article, but there are other requirements that I consider. Remember that if we work with not only quality, but also quality, we will show a better image.

It is needed a completely unique new article, not copy-paste, of your own authorship, and also not somewhere else. Your originality talk about you. Also remember that there are sites that can check for no duplication of content.
The article should be 400 words minimum.
You can add links (maximum 3) to pages of your blog in the article body. In addition to that I will include the main link of your site.
A main image 700px x 587px size. If the picture is not of your authority, please place the source. If you use a Creative Commons image source you are not required. In addition you can include images in your post

4. What else do I need?

A little description about you. Approximately 50 words.
Your social networking profiles. Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin.
The direct link to your site
A small image or your avatar.
Obviously, Article.

5. How will I send?

Send mail to carlos@barrazaenterprises.com with article in Word format and jpg image.

All articles will be subject to an approval process, but if you write quality because you should not worry.{:}