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Content Updates for Small Businesses

Content Updates for Small Businesses
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This article is contributed by Square 1 Group, a company specializing in real estate web design.

Spring is here, and we’d like to add another item to your spring cleaning agenda: content updates! As we advise all of our real estate web design clients, frequent updates are an extremely important part of a successful digital marketing strategy – no matter what you sell!

Many small business owners are already aware that a consistent update schedule is helpful in the eternal quest to boost search engine rankings, since many search engines will give points to more recent updates when determining whether content is “relevant” and “current.”

But the value of content doesn’t stop there. Frequent updates are also a great way to reach out to human readers! Your website is a customized platform for promoting your business and your brand. Each tab gives you a sterling opportunity to display your business acumen, industry expertise, local awareness, and community activity.

However, small business owners may feel a bit more constrained when they’re trying to develop an original content storehouse. What themes can small businesses use to generate a steady stream of fascinating updates? In this post, we’ll give you some fresh ideas for au courant content – just the right size for start-ups!

Participate in a Community Event

Spring is also the season for marathons, half-marathons, and 5ks – if you’re not a champion runner or cyclist, do you have any friends or family who might be interested in getting a small team together for a charity run? What about a job fair at the local community college, supplies or volunteer time for a local mural project, or a few hours at a community garden? These events are a great way to introduce yourself and your team – and remember that you can make multiple posts about promotions, acknowledgements, and final donation tallies. If you need a less-intensive alternative, consider asking a local charity if you can be a drop-off point for a toy, can, or coat drive. Instant update!

It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Spring usually means an uptick in outdoor events. Farmer’s markets, concerts and music festivals, fairs, open studios, boat races – these are all a perfect way to showcase your community and your company. Depending on your industry – culinary, real estate, finance – you can choose local happenings and venues related to your business. For example, if you’re an interior decorator, visit a textiles exhibition at the local art museum. If you’d like to diversify this series, crowdsource contributions using your social media pages – see if local customers would like to submit photos and videos for your site.

If You Want My Advice….

Part of establishing yourself as a small business is finding new areas of customer interest you can expand into. If you’re looking to branch out into a related service – staging on top of interior design, for example – what better way to show off your enthusiasm and skill than an “advice column?” Solicit questions via email or just write your own, and create a series based on whatever expert know-how you want to foreground. You can also use this format to hype skillsets belonging to team members, local affiliates, and vendors.

Starting from Scratch

Graphic content is high-octane content, automatically drawing more attention than text alone, including shares, likes, and clicks. Coming up with creative ways to incorporate photographs can be difficult. How about a photo essay? Choose some aspect of your work that can be broken down to a process. For example, if you’re a realtor, what are the steps you take for setting up an open house or staging a home for sale? If you sell wedding cakes, what goes into baking and building one of your creations? If you’re a printmaker, what does your workshop look like? Clients will be fascinated by the details of your work, and they may be more interested in purchasing something after they see how it was produced.

Current Events

One way social media marketers pull traffic is to latch onto a high-interest event, like a recent local or national news story – readers searching for updates will find you. You can use a similar strategy by writing about local and national news stories related to your field. For example, if you’re a dog breeder or dog walker, why not write about an effort to rehome rescue pit bulls, or “reblog” an article about training service dogs? If you’re looking ahead to May weather, why not an article about helping your furry friends stay cool in the summer heat? This strategy can be a great way to develop a local readership.

About the Author: Square 1 Group is a boutique web development team based in Los Angeles, California. Our design and digital marketing expertise makes us an ideal fit for real estate agencies looking to expand their business online. We provide all our clients with individualized support and maintenance, online marketing services, and content creation, and we are passionate about delivering premium quality at an affordable price.

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