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Hi dear visitor, to give you an easier way to find relevant content about Hashimoto, this category page has the blog posts related to healing Hashimoto.

The articles here are not meant to replace any medical advice. Consult your doctor. I would recommend a functional medicine doctor or a doctor with an holistic overview of healing.

I also felt desperate, alone, without a clue of what to do, because I also lived the situation called “The doctors’ dance”, when I visited one endocrinologist and another and another, and I still did not felt well, despite following their recommendations. 

That is why, I share my good and bad experiences.

Healing an autoimmune disorder is possible, but it takes time, responsibility, discipline, determination and faith.

Those “mystery symptoms” are not “just in your head” or ” you only have stress”, there are personalized root causes of those symptoms and you must find them.

Yes, it is possible to set symptoms under remission, and if I did it, with my ups and downs, so you can.

Carlos Barraza May 2023
May 2023 (Looking outside good, and importantly also from the inside ;))


This is my general overview of how a real Hashimoto treatment should cover, it might miss or not some keypoints.

A human being is composed by the body, the mind and the spirit, and so, an individual should do his or her personalized research to find out what fits best for his or her needs.




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