Hi, I’m starting my blog in order to share ideas, thoughts, experiences and other articles on business issues, especially focused on small and medium enterprises.

I hope to have posts of interest for those entrepreneurs and / or business owners seeking practical solutions to everyday problems they face. The wonderful tool invented years ago by Google, its search engine, he has been a faithful friend to everyone, including entrepreneurs and professionals. It has helped to search suppliers, do e-commerce, engage with customers, and endless activities that support business development. Third parties , through Google and other search engines have enabled us to learn from their experiences to have interesting articles that have proved useful to us. Likewise, I would like to share and give value to your search with articles that can help to improve.
One of the questions that haunt my head is why in most countries SMEs account for approximately 97% with a variation few percentage points. Why not this percentage decreases over time? Companies born for thousands of reasons, but where is the ambition of the entrepreneur to grow their business and stop being an SME to become one of major importance. Surely there will be thousands of reasons why businesses do not grow, and also reasons to disappear, but only those who have dreams, or as it is called in the business world, “Vision” are those that succeed and make a difference in their markets.
I hope that throughout this adventure, this blog will become a reference site for those looking for a tip, advice, or idea to further strengthen your business.


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