Remote work, a trend between millennials

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Remote work has become for some and a lifestyle that allowed different people to have a different job, not as the traditional one. While freelance you own your time, the truth is that the scheduling has to be done perfectly to meet customer expectations.

No doubt remote work has brought too many advantages thanks to the advantages that the Internet has presented us over the years. It seems that each year there are more young people who want to participate in this type of work. But it is necessarily to know how to sell yourself in order to close deals with potential customers. The lifestyle that is generated by remote working may vary depending on the personality, as the story of Jan Schulz-Hofen, who in his article shares his experience  as freelance engineer.

I will name five advantages of being a freelance and remote working.

1. Workplace

If you’re bored being in one place for hours and that was one reason why you decided to leave your old job, remote work allows you to choose where you want to work. It may be from the comfort of your home, in a park, beach, mountains, or coworking spaces. It depends on how you feel regarding your productivity. It is better to always choose the place that prevents you from being distracted and do a better job.

2. Workload control

Big or small projects, you choose. While at the beginning you may have difficulty signing projects, you will be obtaining reputation that will make easier to choose the type of project that is of your interest. You will know if you will accept other projects while working simultaneously, or you expect to finish the project that you already have in progress.

3. Choose how much you charge

Again, at first you may not be able to ask for big money, but your quality and effort will be your presentation card for future work. You may charge more depending on the complexity of the project, time and experience. And probably there will be customers who are not willing to pay, but surely there will be others who are really convinced you’re worth what you charge.

4. Learn to manage as a business

Like any business, a job requires a control over expenditures and revenue. Management will let you know how to accept or reject the projects you have in door, knowing how much money you should ask in advance for relevant purchases to operate the project. Digital tools you use may have some cost and is something you should consider.

5. Autonomy

There is a false belief that either a startup, small business or freelance, you will avoid having hateful bosses. On the contrary, as a entrepreneur you have to deal with much more demanding customers than your old bosses, but here you’ll set your criteria and quality of work. Here is required to give customers the quality they deserve.

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